Fashion 5 Fashion Tips to Learn from The Netflix Series BridgertonAdora NwachukwuApril 26, 2022

Dearest reader,


 This author believes the Netflix show – Bridgerton – has left us with lots of lessons, particularly fashion lessons.] Since its debut in December 2020, the show has not only won people’s hearts but influenced our fashion, language, and romance, it has left us burning. Literally. Thanks to the show, we are being reminded of how beautiful some trends were. For instance; courting. How I’d love to be courted and have all the men in town try to impress me for a chance to be my husband. God abeg.

The fashion of the medieval was quite fashionable, if I may say so. This is another trend we were reminded of in the show. 

 After hours of lusting over the men, and envying but still drooling over the women, dearest reader, I believe these are tips you may be needing to become this season’s diamond or diamond’s suitor.



Go grand on jewellery 

We noticed how the mamas were always so fussy and keen on neckpieces. Their idea was to adorn the neck, and of course, draw attention to the ample amount of bosom always put on display. (They must think of us as fools to think we wouldn’t notice their foxy ploys)

Although, the jewellery didn’t only include neckpieces but also jewelled hair accessories, bracelets, and earrings. No wonder Simon couldn’t stop looking at Daphne.



Wear bright colours

If we didn’t notice anything, we certainly did the rainbow-themed outfits. The ladies wore every colour you could ever think of, including colours we’d never expect to look good. What this series shows us about colour though is that the independent women, the likes of Lady Delacroix and Siena Rosso [AA7] wore bold colours like red, or black and the shielded young ladies from noble families wore bright but innocent-seeming colours like peach, yellow, blue, orange, and many other combinations. It didn’t always bring them a suitor, but it made sufficient that they were talked about –for good or for bad – which is none of our business.




The empire waist baby doll dress makes you look cute.

As a child, I hated this outfit, I thought it looked hideous, but I just couldn’t escape its stiff hold on my mother who always made me wear it to church. Now, looking at these 18th-century girls make the best of it, I admit, it’s really cute. And I did something even the devil would spit at me for. Yes, you can stone me now and call me Delilah for all my deceit. But I went and got one and I am proud of it! You should get one too.



Flats shoes are back.

I never had a thing against flats, and I think this is one trend that didn’t go obsolete. I mean, everyone wears a pair of heels to later retire into the ever sensible and comfortable pair of flats. Bridgerton, however, shows us the world without destructive pair of heels and I simply cannot imagine today’s fashion without heels. You get my point though; you can still be fashionable with your flats.




Puffy sleeves are not bad

Puffy sleeves have started making a reappearance and we love to see them! I used to hate them though, now? Not as much. Bridgerton shows us the different ways in which puffy sleeves are absolute sweethearts and we cannot wait to see the Instagram baddies put them to show!




And those, dearest reader, are tips I have selected personally for you. That you adhere to it strictly and you may soon be recognised as the diamond of the season. This author is happy and cannot wait to see how many diamonds there will be!


Are there more tips you would like to share with this author? I am open to all of them.