Fashion 6 Fashion Aesthetics Common Among Nigerian Gen Z’sAdora NwachukwuMay 26, 2022

4 years ago, if you asked me what my fashion aesthetic was, I would have looked at you in confusion. And I’d certainly have asked what it meant. At the time I paired together whatever I found in my closet and took inspiration from Disney teen shows. Fast forward to 2020 and the social media frenzy, I learned what fashion aesthetics was.

 Aesthetic is often characterised by the general look of beauty in a person or thing. It varies and exists in very many ways, like fashion.  Fashion aesthetic refers to a look particular to you, created with clothing, accessories, and makeup.  In Nigeria, aesthetics is a relatively new concern, but it catches on well and now the Gen Z concern themselves with owning an aesthetic that will be attributed to them and enterprises are more particular about their beauty and art alongside their service.  Fashion has gone beyond donning clothes and just looking good, it’s now about setting a trend, it is an art for which the body is the canvas on which you display an artistic prodigy.  We love it and the world appreciates it. Here are 5 of the fashion aesthetics you see, love, and imitate. 

The baddie

As a baddie, you are required to promote the mesh clothing and barbie doll makeup look. You also need to accessorize colourfully, making a statement everywhere you go.  You must also take a picture, with the signature baddie pose of leaning forward and placing your hands on your chest. The fashion items you are expected to own are mesh clothing items, block heels, leather pants and miniskirts, crop tops, and biker shorts. If you are failing to picture the look, take inspiration from Diana_eneje or Its.Priscy. 

The y2k 

This is in reference to the fashion trend popular in the 2000s. These days, the ’90s fashion is making a comeback and the looks we laughed at in our teens are the ones we embrace now. A gen z icon totally giving with this fashion look is Arya Starr. Growing up, if you watched Nollywood movies, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  Low waist jeans, baggy jeans, halter neck tops, shoulder bags, bucket hats, and jeans skirts, were the trend then, coupled with glittery eye makeup and brown/black lined lips with red lipstick. If you watched old Nollywood movies you will be familiar with the look I am talking about. The Nollywood girls of the ’90s must be proud.


One thing people love is comfort and when you can merge comfort and fashion, it becomes a lifestyle for some people. Gone are the days when people relied on form-fitting outfits to flaunt their fashion. Cargo pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sneakers, oversized tees, and oversized jeans accessorised with sling purses are the new cool and from what we observe, they are here to stay.

Corporate boys and girls

Banking boys and girls are not the only ones required to be professionally dressed, it is now a requirement for all. Well-tailored pants, a chiffon shirt, with a pair of pumps are the new wife's material fashion requirements and a nice-looking shirt and pair of trousers kind of man reek of the promise of stability.

The hijabi aesthetic 

The dynamics have changed, it is no longer only about being covered but also looking good while remaining modest. Muslim fashion really has one of the best aesthetics as people get creative and colourful with the fashion.  It’s no surprise that the Muslim festivities are often regarded as “The Muslim Met Gala”.

High fashion 

This fashion look promotes popular designer's and brand's fashion. The likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and many others. As Bobrisky would say; “I am too expensive, I am not for everyone” so is this aesthetic, it is for the select few who can afford the cost that comes with luxury and is only popular with rich celebrities and the elite of the country.