Fashion 7 Essential Minimalist Outfits You Need In Your Wardrobe This Season.Adora NwachukwuApril 12, 2022



Most people would think that minimalist fashion is having just white and black outfits. I was one of them, but entering the fashion world, I took my time to find out my style and how I wanted to portray my type of woman to people out there. While on it I found out that the minimalist style is just simple. It is any style that is designed to bring simplicity and functionality to the forefront. 

Being a minimalist is having the most important wardrobe staple in your closet. Outfits that are of good quality would never run out of style. This is owning a few jeans, with or black shirt and essential blouses. Also, it doesn’t have to be black or white the way we see it on Instagram. You can be a minimalist and still wear colors. Having a minimalist style in your wardrobe would not allow you to run out of things to wear at any possible time.

Minimalism is about pairing down your closet to its basics creating a capsule wardrobe full of essentials and pairing those outfits every which way until you have a whole lot of easy outfits at your disposal 

This is why we have taken the best and possible time to research and have you know, what to add to your fashion closet this Easter holidays that would help you to be able to style your fit and never run out of what to wear. Minimalist clothes are simple in design and basic in function. They are the most basic things you would not even think of wearing. A pair of white sneakers, a white or black t-shirt, wide-leg pants, a pair of jeans, a blazer, or a leather jacket. You can have both if you want. 

Here are the essential minimalist outfits that you need to add to your wardrobe for the Easter holidays 

Oversized Blazer 

One thing about owning a blazer is the fact it can go for all functions. It can be casual, or for work. It can also be the perfect date night outfit and if it is oversized it can go for a casual dress, you can pair it with heels or sneakers, depending on the vibe you are going for. P.s you should get the color black or nude. These colors won’t give you a hard time complimenting your outfit. You can get outfits like this from Amazon, Zara, or Shein because they deliver to Nigeria. 

A Pair of Wide-leg Trousers 

A must-have. For me, it is because it is versatile. You can wear it to the club, out for lunch, if you are going for a walk and with the right blouse, you can wear it to a club too. This is why I feel it is a must-have. Looking to how to get it just head over to Amazon. Yes, they ship to Nigeria or you can thrift it on Instagram. 

Tops & Bodysuit. 

Preferably black and white, which is suitable for layering. You can also wear it without a jacket. With a black sleeveless bodysuit or white, you can throw it on a day you have nothing to wear. 

White or Black Oversized Shirt 

For work purposes or casual purposes. It can be tucked in or used as a jacket. Depending on how you feel at a particular moment, will enable you to style it better. 

A Black Dress

If you do not have a black dress in your closet, you should hurry up and get one. It is indeed important. It can be a mini or a maxi dress depending on your taste or style. For me, I would advise both. Just in case of an emergency outing you know. I could easily just rush and wear a mini dress, throw on an oversized blazer and pair it with suitably strapped heels. Or a pair of sneakers, still it depends on your vibe at the moment. 

A Pair of Jeans 

This is one thing I know we all have. Everybody should have at least a pair of jeans. You might already have one. If you do not, then hurry and get yours so you would not be left out this holiday. 

Lastly Accessories

A black tote bag, a pair of white sneakers because it goes with anything. a pair of sandals or strapped heels. Do not get jewelry, your outfit would not be complete without a piece of jewelry around your neck. 



With this, you are good to go this holiday and have fun with so much confidence in yourself because of what you put on.  It is the outfit you wear every day. I hope this adds so more glamour to what you have in your wardrobe.