Fashion 7 Tips Towards Dressing Him Out of Your Mind.Adora NwachukwuApril 20, 2022

Heartbreak can be a turning point in a person’s life. For good, or for bad. Although, eventually, most people snap out of it and make the best of the situation. The point is no one is above breakfast.

 On the topic of breakfast, the internet broke last week with rumours of our baby girl, Riri, getting cheated on. Now, the truth hasn’t been confirmed but the last rumour about Rihanna was concerning her pregnancy and look how that has played out. If truly Rihanna was cheated on, then babes aren’t safe and I’m here to promise you just that – safety.  Coco Chanel (founder of the Chanel brand) once said: “If you are sad or heartbroken, get your make up done, dress up, add more lipstick and attack!”  And once Rihanna was asked how she got through being sad, she said: “Pretend, either that or I cry myself to sleep. Who wants to do that? You wake up with puffy eyes the next day, it’s a waste of tears.” Yes, girl, that’s the testament right there.

  My promise of safety, dearest, is to enlighten you with 7 steps to dress him out of your life and mind.



Get Rid Of your “Ex-Purchases”


 All that stuff he got you from Jabi Lake Mall, or Palms Mall, or maybe the dress he got you from Miskay Boutique. Yeah, because you do not want to run into him another time wearing clothes he got for you, imagine the smug look on his face and your embarrassment, God forbid! The first step towards moving on from someone is getting rid of things that remind you of them.  If he has been the one doing your shopping, then you need to declutter.



Embrace pastel colours to enhance your femininity.


Colours like lilac, peach, rose, baby blue or the ranges of pastel colours emphasise your femininity, they create an illusion of a soft, quiet, damsel in distress look and even if you’re the tiger that will rip the damsel apart, you must play the role of the soft female. Now it isn’t just about looking girly, it is building confidence and attracting serene audiences. Dressing like your mood, in an assassination black, or slaughter brown will only leave you in a mood capable of the colours of your outfit. So instead of wearing the colours of violence and mourning, try a colour out of the rainbow or the pastels and see how improved your mood becomes. 

Wear outfits that showcase your body curves.

 Right now, we need to bring our capital-b bad bitch energy to the game. Instead of those ashewo dresses he bought for you, wear a figure-hugging dress, or a nice pair of pants that accentuates and perks up your bum. Talk about classy and polished. You will look great but most importantly, you will feel great!



Wear something you have always wanted to try. 

I never dressed for my benefit while I was dating. I always dressed for him. Now I don’t care what anyone thinks of the way I dress. I wear what I want. Which is something you should also try. Discover yourself and fall in love with yourself over and over. You gerrit? If you don’t gerrit, forger about it. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.


Wear more perfume and accessories. 


 If there is something I have learned from fashion and style, it is the power of accessorising. Complete your outfit with the appropriate accessories, and pair it with powerful feminine perfumes. Remember, always perfume your neck, ears, and wrists. Allow yourself to feel sexy and drive him both insane and out of your mind.


Wear bright coloured lipstick 


 Preferably red. There is something about the colour red that promotes the appeal of a woman. Red is a risky lipstick colour but with the right shade, you become dangerous. I have always been scared of red lipstick, I’m still not bold enough to wear it and that’s okay. You are not me and I am not you. So, get that lipstick and dare the world; red or blue whatever makes you sexy. 

Purchase daring underwear.


Preferably a matching set. Your underwear dictates how you feel. Yes, it has that much power, you may not notice till you get a bomb set of underwear and then you feel so giddy, you want to show the world. 

 Breakups hurt, especially if you were cheated on, it builds insecurity in you, you begin to question your worth, and you start losing confidence, but you need to always hold firm to the fact that you’re not the problem. I hope these tips make you feel better if you do suffer a breakup. Stay safe babes.