Fashion Clothes hack: 10 Ultimate Alternative Owambe OutfitsAdora NwachukwuApril 15, 2022

Once, I was invited to a wedding and I had nothing to wear. Not because of inadequate preparation but misinformation which is another thing Nigerians are Known for, asides from catching cruises.


Nigerians are known for a lot of things; dragging Ghanaians over jollof rice, unending vawulence on twitter, and most importantly – Owambe. Saturdays and Sundays are great days to party and in fact,  Thursdays and Fridays are getting adopted as weekends to jump onto the party train.  You could give Nigerians the whole week as the weekend, and it still wouldn’t be enough for our lavish parties. We have a party out of everything; birthdays spanning all ages, weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, housewarmings, etc. Owambe’s are very important to Nigerians but your outfit to Owambe can decide whether you will get food or not.


Which is why I was so bothered over having nothing to wear. I didn't want to look less worthy than my friends’ handbags at the party. It took a while, going through my wardrobe, and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest before I could decide on what to wear. Eventually, I made my eureka discovery and got the perfect outfit inspiration. I paired a black dress with excessive dazzling jewellery, the right pair of heels, and a nice clutch. I didn't fit into the “touch the ceiling gele” clique but I fit adequately into the “I've just come from America and I have money” clique.


Wise woman that I am, I have decided to put out 10 clothes hacks that will help you stand out at any Nigerian party without being passed off as an usher.  You may want to consider buying the wedding’s colour though, so you can get food to eat. You’re welcome.

10 ultimate alternative Owambe outfits

A mini-dress :

Preferably in black. Black is an everyday colour, it saves you time and never fails to make you look chic. A black mini dress paired with a  nice pair of strap heels and a small purse in any colour will make a tantalizing chic outfit. Even the bride will envy you.  Top the look with light but obvious accessories and put on simple makeup.  Thank me later.

Palazzo pants and a wrap top:

We are all into wide-leg trousers because of the great feeling we get from them and the attested truth that palazzos if worn well, can take you from 0 to 100 in a second. You can never go wrong with palazzos, pair them with a nice wrap top, open-toed heels, mini bag and subtle jewellery. People will look at you over and over again and if there is an impression palazzo gives, it’s of wealth.   

Maxi dress 

Be bold with maxi dresses. Try out colours like red, yellow, blue, or whatever colour you believe suits you. Maxi dresses make you look sophisticated and once you pair them with the right shoes and jewellery. it would make the perfect wedding outfit. 

Blazer suit:

 Wear this and give iyawo oga vibes. Try blazer suits in nude colours like brown, or pastel shades. I promise you will stand out. 


Blazer dress:

With the perfect koin koin shoe. You have finished work! No stress about putting it on and taking it off. You don’t need heavy accessorising with this. A simple strap necklace and wristwatch and pump heels would do.


Rich aunty vibes! This is the vibe hot girls are giving. Wearing this is getting rich aunty respect and you will be expected to spray money so get your money changer ready. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you. Throw on a nice pair of heels and your favourite mini bag. You do not need to do so much with this outfit. 

Floral dress:

This is THE outfit when going for a cute and subtle look. Pair this with a great pair of sandals and a shoulder bag and you are good to go. Your dress could be short or long. The choice is yours, baby! 


You can wear a jumpsuit for any occasion and weddings are included. It gives some Kiki Mordi professional rich aunty vibes. 

Two-piece outfit   

 Paired with heels and a small pendant necklace, this is a perfect alternative owambe outfit.

I commend myself for this heroic deed. With these options I have given, I believe you have no reason to stay back at home checking Whatsapp status.  Create your Nigerian party outfit and steal the show!