Life & LoveMake Your Partner Fall In Love Without Sex Iverson AkhigbeMarch 18, 2022

At the beginning of every relationship is a burning urge to feel your partner’s body. But in time, libidos stabilize and the rush dies down and another phase of the relationship sets in. There are also people that do not agree that sex is important in a relationship. For whatever reason there is: morality, religion or personal decision, find out ways to make your partner feel sexy, happy, and feeling in love as if they’d just had an orgasm.

Bath Together

 Even if you are both not in a good mood but you want to be in each other’s space, you should bathe together. You can light some candles, burn some incense, and use sweet smelling shower gels and oils to lather onto your partner's body as you touch them, wash their hair, and their bodies. This is a very intimate way to connect to your partner and their bodies. 

Flirt with each other. In your text messages, calls, and even chats. Keep things light and playful to help ease the stress of your career, kids, and daily activities. Flirting keeps the couple feeling young and juicy!

Pillow talk

When you both are up earlier or about to go to bed, don’t always rush to your phones. Make time to talk with each other even about the most insignificant things or whisper sweet nothings into their ears. You can tell them how beautiful or handsome they are or even tell them something naughty you’d like to do to them. You can use this time to also cuddle and just enjoy each other's warmth.
Hold hands and hug

This is as common as it is rare. Do not be shy to hold your partner’s hands and hug, especially whenever you go out in public. It helps to make the couple feel a sense of belonging to each other with strength and intimacy as they’re therapeutic and pass strong messages across. You can also take strolls or walks while holding hands and talking or enjoying the view.


Did you stop admiring her eyes? Did you stop admiring his voice? You might want to reconsider the reason you started liking this person in the first place and let them know that you still appreciate them and love them for these little things. Reminisce about the days when you first got together for renewed companionship.

These are just a few ways to get your love and sex life sizzling and making your partner feel as sexy and in love as ever. They’re things you can do whether or not you're involved in a sexual relationship with your partner and in the end it leaves both parties satisfied and glowing with pleasure!