Fashion Nigerian Content Creators Influencing the Fashion Industry.Adora NwachukwuMay 19, 2022

I considered a career as a content creator in 2020. There was Covid-19, there was a lockdown, and there were social media, people constantly created content and I thought of it as cool, so I wanted in too.  Turns out it was a phase. If I had though, I’d have made my niche in fashion because I love fashion. My dream didn’t just spur overnight, I had gotten inspiration from content creators I followed overnight and although I no longer nurture a dream to be an influencer, I still follow closely some of my favourite fashion influencers

Nigeria has increasingly become a hotspot for fashion designers and creatives to take to the stage of social media and showcase their vibrant designs and styles which complement our culture in many ways. These days, social media is the most effective media for marketing, hence, the high demand for content creators. Brands create awareness for their products and services using influencers with a high following on social media to help them create maximum awareness to their target market. Brands want to make profit, outsell their competition, and remain relevant so they keep engaging content creators to help them with their goals. 

These are content creators and fashion influencers I follow and believe are revolutionizing our fashion industry.


 Nonye Udeogu is one of my biggest inspirations in fashion. Her style is impeccable. Asides from getting invited to the IT events in the country and creating content surrounding them, Nonye gives her audience interesting lifestyle videos, offers styling tips, and provides information about reliable brands. If you are looking for the best ways to style colourful or monochrome outfits then she is your plug.

Stephanie Moka

Stephanie is popular for giving fashion, lifestyle, and beauty tips on TikTok and YouTube. Her Instagram handle is @steph and with her daily Get Ready with Me series [GRWM] she helps her followers with daily tips to stay on top of their appearance, she also advises on reliable brands.


Eniola became popular with his famous videos of giving relationship advice to young men and women while nonchalantly applying lip-gloss. He is now popularly addressed as Lip-gloss Boy, asides being a comedian, he is also an ambassador to fashion brands home and abroad including Fenty and Crocs. Eniola bodies fashion effortlessly, and it is apparent from his social media where he styles casual, classy, and even traditional outfits. For men well versed in fashion and who like to go beyond the good old conventional style looking for styling and fashion tips, then Eniola is your guy.

Oge is a plus-sized fashion and lifestyle content creator. Though most of her content is fashion-centric. Oge helps plus-sized women find brands that can suit them and their style.  She is the Nigerian Lizzo, constantly representing plus-sized women to help them build confidence.

Kuyet Bamai

Kuyet bumai is an award-winning fashion blogger and social media strategist. He is also the typical social media fine boy with his beautiful dark skin. Asides from being a content creator, he is a photographer and a creative director. The original jack of all trades. Kuyet has partnered with lots of brands in the fashion sector and outside the fashion sector.


Ifeoma Amadi is a fashion blogger and social media manager.  She gives solid 10/10 fashion on thrift (second hand) tips. Her style is so immaculate that you will experience doubts over the thrift status of her clothes.  If like many of us, you can’t afford to always shop at Miskay Boutique, and you often substitute with thrift, then Ifeoma should be your styling plug.  

 Sarah Audu

Popularly known as @princessaudu. She is a fashion and faith blogger with over 40k YouTube views. She teaches millennials how to dress modestly while also sticking to a budget. She only promotes authentic Nigerian brands that provide value for your money’s worth.

Temitope Okunaga

He can be identified as an eccentric fashion and lifestyle content creator. He is my second best after Eniola. @Tope_o has incredible creative directing skills and is a stylist, he is also an amazing dancer.

Today, many people identify as content creators and fashion influencers but usually, their contents are recycled styles of other fashion influencers and do not promote that much diversity, but in this list are a few I identify who are consistently influencing the style of people and they do it very well.