Fashion Nigerian Cross Dressers and Their Influence on FashionAdora NwachukwuMay 10, 2022

 Every day, over a thousand apps are released on app stores. Although, all these apps may not be inclined towards social media, what they all do have in common is the use of the internet.  Through the years, the internet has become a way of life for most people. It is almost impossible to function without the internet, given that 70% of our daily activities require access to the internet. The advent of the internet not only brought enlightenment to people, but also brought new cultures, trends, and numerous opportunities. The modern internet is only about 37 years old, in a few more years, the internet will rule the world. One of the cultures brought by the internet is the wide distribution and acceptance of social media. Social media has also brought trends, cultures, and lifestyles to our attention. And of lifestyle, we will be discussing crossdressers in Nigeria.  A crossdresser is a person wearing clothing items that are usually not attributable to the person’s gender. 

Women who dress up as men are usually never referred to as crossdressers, it would seem the term is only reserved for men. As a male crossdresser living in Nigeria, it is essential to tread carefully. Last I heard, and saw, a crossdresser was beaten up and left with no shirt and shoes.  Although social media may be changing many minds and providing fresh insights, many Nigerians haven’t completely warmed up to the idea.  With the influence of the internet and continuous representation of these crossdressers, they are no longer seen as anomalies but are now gradually being accepted and commended for their fashion innovations and influence in the industry.  Here are 3 popular Nigerian crossdressers who have influenced the fashion industry with their styles and mannerism.

Derenle Edun

Adorable Oluwafemi Edun popularly known as Derenle is a Nigerian television host.  I’m uncertain whether to tag Denrele as a crossdresser but I can say his style edges towards eccentric. He always steps into the spotlight with his 12 plus inches shoes and wild hairstyles. How many women can dare to pull those off?  His style has been described as punk and fun and in an interview with Modern Ghana, he stated, “I am just expressing my individuality. Most people ask me that question and I would say I just want to be me”. And isn’t that what ground-breaking fashion is all about?  Denrele is best known for defying fashion rules and being ruthlessly extraordinary.


“Good girl no dey pay o, hope you know that.” The numero uno Lagos big girl. Idris Okuneye constantly reminds us of how to live life to the fullest. Asides from giving us good laughs and meme-worthy pictures and videos, BobRisky is a relationship expert, guidance counsellor for Lagos girls, full-time home cook, online philanthropist, baddest stepper, and No. 1 competitor of Lagos girls, and a how to be a big girl driving a range rover mentor. It’s the versatility for us. BobRisky is also famous for throwing lavish parties, attending lavish parties where he outshines the celebrant, and flying in beauty professionals to cater to him. He also set the trends for many girls, with his lash length, nail length, and luxurious hair. We get rich aunty vibes plus bad bitch side chick, and don’t we love the drama and gist he’s always involved in! When you see a bubu look with heavily applied makeup, accessorised with very long nails, you think BobRisky.

James Brown

James Brown is a dancer and crossdresser who got famous over the viral “did they caught me?  they didn’t caught me.” video when police raided a party alleged to be a gay orgy party in Lagos. He is known for his catchphrase slur; “hey durlings” which he uses to address his fans on social media. James Brown is just as funny as any comedian out there. While BobRisky steadily gives us rich aunty vibes, James Brown is consistent with the side chick, papito’s doll vibe.