Fashion Presenting The Best Way To Be Fashionable On A Budget In 2022Adora NwachukwuMarch 24, 2022



  You do not need to wear brands like Zara, Prettylittlething, Shien, and so on before you are fashionable, even if you thrift it. I have always thought fashion has to be when you are rich or maybe earning enough to walk up to any boutique or order from any online store.

 I always told myself that I am fashionable but it is money that remains. Well, I do not think that is true anymore. Thanks to content creators for normalizing thrifting even though we used to call it Okirika.

Girls were never proud of it or the majority were not. Now we can slay on a budget for as long as we want. Apart from that, there are Nigerians that are bringing those brands to your doorstep, you won’t spend much and you won’t have to wait for 45 working days before your goods arrive at your doorstep. 

You do not have to worry about waiting for Zara sales or Shien or how you can make the Zara top because you can find it anywhere. Kudos to our Aba boys and other designers that are trying to bring fast fashion to the average Nigerian. Even though Aba boys are not branded and you are looking for a store with a name and a brand tag on it. It is available. 

At a time, I shop once in a while, waiting for sales from these brands, and even with the sales some of the prices were still high due to dollar rate and shipping fee. This is why I am grateful to these fast fashion brands in Nigeria for allowing us to wear what we want without having to break the bank and wait for long delivery. 

 Oreoluwa, CEO of My2ktop on Instagram. One of the brands I love to shop cute tops and dresses under 5k. I am marveled at how she made the brand her own and gave girls a way to dress and feel chick without stressing over money and delivery time. 

We had fun talking about her business growth and the difficulties she faces. 

Aura: Please can you introduce yourself.

Oreoluwa: My name is Oreoluwa, I am 26 years old. A graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University. BSc in Microblading and a graduate of Manipulating University. MSc Digital Marketing. I grew up in Lagos, live and work in Lagos. I am an extreme introvert and I love my space more than anything in the world. 

Aura: What inspired your brand

Oreoluwa: My2ktop was inspired when I wanted to order a top online and it stated “it may take up to 45 business days”. I loved the top but couldn’t wait that long have it, so I decided to make the top myself. I got the fabrics and made the top. A friend of mine came over to visit and she loved the top, I told her I could make it for her and she asked how much and I said 2k {lol}. My sister advised me to turn it into a business and I did. That was how I started my2ktop. 

Aura: Fashion can mean a lot of things to different people, so what is fashion to you? 

Oreoluwa: To me, fashion is a way to express yourself and discover yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try new things and thus give yourself confidence. 

Aura: With that, what is your style? 

Oreoluwa: My style is casual. And sometimes I love to go traditional. 

Aura: Growing a brand like this and sowing from the scratch can be stressful. Can you tell us how you manage your daily task? 

Oreoluwa: I manage my daily task by sticking to the schedules I plan for each day. 

Aura: This is what we should always do but without motivation, most people fall back. Can you tell us what motivates you every day? 

Oreoluwa: To be honest, my staff motivates me every day. They are willing to give every style a try, every new technique a try, they are always ready for anything, and I mean anything. If not for them I would have given up a long time ago. 

Aura: That is so nice, having dedicated staff reduces the stress of the employer. 

Aura: I know a business would always have problems they face. What are your challenges in the fashion industry? 

Oreoluwa: The problem I face in the fashion industry is the increasing cost of fabric, this affects our production and delivery at the moment. It takes more time to source fabrics to suit a style and the price makes us break even, and this may take weeks which might turn into months.

Aura: I am so sorry about that. I hope it gets resolved because we are surely facing a lot in this country. 

Aura: Thank you for taking out time for this interview. For showing every girl out there that there is a brand that gives us what we want without having to stress about the brand. 

Oreoluwa: Thank you too. 

Apart from starting a business because she couldn’t wait for the delivery of a top, she ordered. Oreoluwa is one of the many people in Nigeria that started a brand to bring trends down to an average Nigerian at an affordable price. With the current situation of the country, this kind of brand is what we need. 

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