Fashion Rainy Season in Nigeria: Items You Should Own for The SeasonAdora NwachukwuMay 3, 2022

It is that time of the year again! Characterized with heavy downpour and muddy grounds that threaten to drag you in for a slide if your feet are not firmly rooted to the Earth.  This is the season when you must permanently make room for an umbrella in your life, else, you’ll get soaked more every other rainy day.  Usually, especially in Nigeria, the rainy season is the time we bring out our ugly thick clothes and really, rain shouldn’t put a pause on fashion, if anything, the rainy season is the period to prove your versatility.  There are ways to be a Beyonce or Denola Grey, even when it rains hot water, all you need is preparation.

Therefore, I have come up with 5 essential wardrobe items for the rainy season.  

Rubber boots

Boots are perfect for this season, especially the long ones that come up to your knees. These boots will weather any storm. Boots prevent your legs from getting dirty and have a firm grasp on the floor. For work or an event when the streets are flooded and messy, rubber boots are your ride or die; anytime, any day.

Rain caps

It has happened to many of us on one or more occasions when a sudden downpour ruins not only our outfits but also, our hair. Unlike white people, whose hair can easily be dried out using a towel, Africans do not have that luxury. Our type 4 hair immediately shrinks and toughens up when it meets water. Not to talk of the smell! Our hair type is prone to retaining heat because of its texture. To prevent sudden and subsequent bad hair days, I advise you to always keep a rain cap on you.


When it rains, it could get very cold, and it will not always rain at night when you are in the warm arms of your bed, blanket, and pillow. Layering is best for this season to avoid the icy tendrils of unexpected cold. I get cold easily so I’m always with a jacket and it’s not much of an inconvenience. A jacket is an item you should have.

Rubber slippers/ sandals

Yes, boots are so important, but there are days when they could be an inconvenience. This is where rubber slippers and sandals make good substitutes. They won’t protect your knees, but they’ll enhance your speed and lessen your clumsiness.


Raincoats are very underrated, they are like a cloak of invisibility, and who doesn’t have Harry Potter fantasies? And thanks to continuous fashion improvements, raincoats are not left behind. There are many styles and colours of them and in different textures, all you have to do is buy them.


I don’t know how you want to survive through the rainy season without an umbrella, it is so important, we can go without mentioning it. But, because of people who loathe umbrellas because of the added weight, we are putting this out. There are many fashions of the umbrellas, some are now as small as a taser, and some, are as big as a truck, it all depends on your preference. The rain isn’t getting kinder, and it is only just beginning, get an umbrella today. Thank me in the future!

Note: Avoid wearing flowing dresses or pants this season if you don’t want to spend hours bent over and scrubbing at mud stains. Your washing machine won’t do the job for you either, better safe than sorry.  Again, I have put down my wise words, if you stick to them, you’ll never be misled. Do you have thoughts for us? Let us know!