Fashion The Average Nigerian Style Adora NwachukwuMarch 28, 2022



Nigeria has set its way in the fashion industry. We have one of the largest fashion industries in Africa and our fashion designers are known in the world of fashion. Our fashion content creators are killing it every single time on Instagram. Which tags us as a fashionable country. 

According to Wikipedia, the sub-Saharan fashion market is worth $31 billion with Nigeria accounting for 15% of the $31 billion. Nigerian fashion has risen in size, it has grown 17% since 2010, with designers shutting down shows around the world. 

Irrespective of economic standing or social stratification, Nigerians have high tastes in fashion. As a result, the fashion industry in Nigeria brims with a lot of designers, fashion stylists, fashion influencers, fashion photographers, as well as fashion journalists. 

After reading international blogs on the basic Nigerian style, the results I found did not just resonate with me being an average Nigerian. They wrote the average Nigerian wears, AGBADA, or ISI AGU, and Gele, with Ankara. You can agree with me that with this heatwave that is going on in our country, you would not want to tie Gele on your head. Besides, because we are Africans does not mean we do not absorb some of the western cultures into our outfits. We wear Ankara yes because it can be used daily. We do not wear ISI AGU daily but on special occasions. 

With the help of Instagram and TikTok, our fashion influencers have changed so many perspectives on the Nigerian youths on how they dress which has changed the view on us around the world. Moving into the streets and asking people about their style is what I decided to do and I found out that, we love being comfortable in this country and do not like anything that would stress us. You hardly see a normal Nigerian on oversized leather jackets and boots. The weather has a lot to say about it if you do not die with it. We do not wear that doesn’t mean an average Nigerian is not fashionable.  

Kelly a writer says “I love laid back and casual outfits. I love Ankara shots and that is It”. 

Jay a medical student says practically the same thing “I love being simple, comfortable but outstanding”. 

D’artista an artist says “my everyday outfit would be large t-shirts on some nice shorts or sweat pants because my country is hot”. 

Benjamin a music producer says “my everyday outfit is a hoodie, gym shorts, it's Nigeria I would always be on my Nike slides”. 

This confirms that being comfortable is normal in an average Nigerian mind. I went ahead to ask Oga Jona an Okada rider, what is his daily outfit and he also says “omoI go just carry anything wey fit my shokoto, dis heat too much”. Proof that we are not just based on our traditional wears alone, we love being comfortable too. 

The fashion in Nigeria has been influenced by Instagram, movies, and tv shows, and youths these days have different aesthetics, we have the alte vibes 

which is a mixture of streetwear and our cultural attire and we have the classy, the full streetwear and also casual. Youths are confident dressing the way they want to, without being discriminated against by anyone. 

Benjamin a music producer added during our interview “fortunately the fashion scene in Nigeria has skyrocketed, you can be defined on the spot by your dress code, we got the alte kids with their weird combo that looks cool, the casual, classic you know the suit and tie turtle neck umbrellas oxford shoes and stuff lol. Well, fashion is a thing now in Nigeria and you have to choose where to fit by dressing the way you want.  D’artista added “fashion in Nigeria is unique and has helped the young minds to express their sense of fashion. 

D’artista an artist added “I’m really into fashion magazines, fashion-related shows, and movies, I love it when my outfit stands out, maybe because I’m an artist. this shows that most of our creative outfits are influenced by what we see out there. 

Mitchelle, a Nigerian model says “my inspiration comes from the 90’s fashion. I loved watching movies and music videos on tv. I’m skinny and baggy outfits made me more comfortable. Seeing them in those baggy outfits, I knew that would be me for a long time. 

Nigerian style can never be basic, although we love being comfortable in what we wear, we all have our different styles depending on our daily schedule and how we feel. This means we are not based on our traditional outfits alone, we are more than that. Who would admire and patronize our designers if not us? The average Nigerian style is comfortable, but the average Nigerian expresses himself through fashion. This is why we have a place in the world of fashion. It has been and would always be.