Fashion What The Older Generation Thinks Of The 21st Century FashionAdora NwachukwuApril 5, 2022



 Fashion has evolved through the years. From when we wore nothing [I mean Adam and Eve], to wearing leaves, to tying wrappers, and now we are fully clothed. Now fashion is not just what we wear. It speaks about us and people judge us through it, even if it is none of their business, you would still get judged. It is just the way the world is. 


Nigerian fashion has always evolved, our traditional wear and our creativity in mixing western culture with our own have earned us a place in the fashion world. How did we get to this place? How did we get to the point of wearing what we want and how we want it? Yes, the older generation in our country does not value how gen z dress. [I would love to call us that].

In the sixties, most Nigerians wore long dresses and hats. The women dressed in both fitted and oversized outfits depending on preference complemented with permed, well-sprayed afros. The uneducated women simply wore their native clothes and did simple hairstyles. 

In the eighties, everything was big, baggy trousers, baggy suits for men and maxi skirts, wild afros, and so on. 

Fashion experienced changes in the 90s it became more retro pop, and the capris pants and miniskirts made a comeback. For native attire babus were the most popular in this era. Most trends in this ere have remained into this present decade. 

There are millennials in our country that are so grateful for fashion evolving and others who are not. 

Mrs. Chinyere said “we were told not to wear trousers because trousers are meant for men alone. This allowed most girls including myself not to think of wearing trousers, but now I can wear them and jump the bus, especially in Lagos, where you have to be ready to jump the bus to get to your destination. I could not wear it then and I love wearing it now. I allow my girls to wear it. 

Mrs. Funke said. Wearing it is not the problem, but the way they expose their bodies these days, like the crop tops, you could not wear crop tops oh! and showing off their legs, I think it is not necessary, but children these days, you cannot tell them what to do. 

 I think we should inform Mrs. Funke that women wore mini skirts and dresses then. Maybe she was not allowed to like Mrs. Chinyere and taught it was bad. 

Mrs. Chinyere said “I always wore oversized dresses and even though girls wore mini skirts and dresses I was not allowed to because in church and everywhere they would always say, it is not good to wear them. she added that after she got married, she started evolving in fashion. “Now I can wear what I want”. 

Yes, there was a different way our parents were taught to dress, most of them that were not privileged could not afford shoes and they walked barefooted to the market. I love the girls’ hairstyle and the afro guys wore on their heads. I also love the way the girls looked stylish even in maxi skirts and flats or blocked heels. They looked so comfortable on it. This is why I feel the trend is coming back now. At this point, we all want to be comfortable in what we wear.

Mrs. Chinonso Nwokiwu also said “I leave in the UK so I cannot discriminate how people dress, but I cannot allow my son to dress in some ways that boys do now. It is not how I would want him to portray himself. 

I went ahead to ask what was trending back then that they wished would have a comeback

Mrs. Chinyere nwachukwu said “the flat shoes, they are the ones I would love to have a comeback” 

Mrs. Funke said “normalizing wearing long skirts because these shorts skirts are exposing their bodies 

Mrs. Funke is funny when it comes to that. 

I went ahead to ask where they got their fashion inspiration from and it is still the same thing 

Mrs. Chinonso Nwokiwu said “boys always loved to follow American hip-hop musicians like snoop dog, jay z, Tupac, and puff daddy. They would wear basketball tops and real baggy jeans. 

Who wouldn’t love that style? that Is what we call streetwear now.

She also said. “As a woman, I got my inspiration from magazines and movies, and also American music videos and some Nollywood movies. 

We have to agree with Mrs. Chinyere that flat shoes are back and they are now with exciting designs and we have to tell our parents that we love the fashion of the 80s and 90s because they are back and we are rocking it. 

I have to say we have a different view of fashion from the older generation and most times it is because of the way they were brought up by their parents. These days we have the internet and social media to give us a different view of things. If not, I feel we would have been in the same predicament too. 

No matter what they think about how we dress these days, we still wear what we want to. With our country developing and getting exposed. I would love to say that I am proud of how fashion is in Nigeria today.