"The Truth About BBL in Nigeria: Costs, Clinics, and Candid Stories"



"The Truth About BBL in Nigeria: Costs, Clinics, and Candid Stories"

BBL is popular with some people because it can enhance the shape and size of the buttocks without the use of implants

By Clavia Okoli

PUBLISHED: September 15, 2023

Haha! You are either here because you are a lazy ass who dreads those squats as much as I do. Or you are an Olofofo who just wants to be in the know. Don't worry, who am I to judge an information-seeking queen/king? Knowledge is power in this regard. Cersei might disagree but oh well, this is about BBL in Nigeria, not Westeros.

When I see obviously done butts, the first thing that comes to mind is, where are they even doing this?

Almost every girl in Lekki has an augmented butt or breast. But no one seems to know where it's done. It's like the information is only reserved for the coven members. Even Kanayo is not this strict with recruiting members. If you have proven that you will do anything you belong to, Nnanyi sacrifice will show you the way.

When I say BBL, I don't want you to picture Nonsmiraj or blessings butt, Nooo. I'm talking about well-rounded heart-shaped butts like Mercy Eke's butt.

Wouldn't you like to know who her plug is?

Well, the information you are looking for is everywhere. Celebrities make it look like you have to travel abroad to get your perfect BBL but that's not the case. There are hospitals in Nigeria where you can get a safe and affordable BBL.

What is BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)?

BBL is a surgery where fat is transferred from the stomach, arms, thighs, or lower back to your buttocks. If the fat is transferred from the lower back or the stomach, the result of the surgery will be an hourglass figure.

It is a two-step procedure.The first step is liposuction, which is the removal of fat from desired areas like the stomach. It is a cosmetic procedure that sucks out fat using a small plastic tube called a cannula. The second step is the transfer of fat to the buttocks.

Why do people get a BBL?

Duh, who doesn't want a well-rounded, heart-shaped butt? We all crave that hourglass figure but not all of us are fortunate to have one.

Some might say why not exercise? The thing about exercise is that it can tone your muscles but it will not give you a rounded butt if you didn't inherit it from your mama. That's where BBL comes in

With BBL, you get to remove those unwanted fats from a trouble zone area like your midsection, elevate your self-esteem, Improve clothe fittings, Create a well balanced upper and lower body proportions, and have your desired figure

BBL vs. Implants, which is better?

BBL utilizes your body fat to add volume and shape your buttocks but implants use silicone. BBL creates a more natural looking/feel result with fewer risks or complications

What to expect during a BBL surgery

The surgery doesn't require you to be admitted to the hospital after your procedure. You can go home after it's done. Hospitals always have a team that is well-equipped to take care of the patients till their recovery. So there's no need to worry about post-surgical care.

The procedure can take between 2 to 4 hours and it can take place under general or local anesthesia.

How much does it cost to get a BBL in Nigeria?

From the information I have gathered so far, you need at least 3.5 million Naira. You probably have seen those lists where liposuction is listed as 1.5 million Naira and so on. That might be the price but there are other things to consider like the consultation fee, the tests that will be carried out to make sure you are medically fit to have the procedure, the care facility you will stay in after surgery, and other miscellaneous expenses that will come up before and after surgery.

Where can you get a BBL in Nigeria?

The best place to get your Brazilian butt lift is Lagos or Abuja. Lagos has prestigious plastic surgeons who are certified to give the desired result with fewer complications.


This is the home to the famous Dr. David. Aurora is a plastic and aesthetic clinic that is dedicated to elevating beauty and confidence

others are;


Primrose specialist hospital

Vedic lifecare

Grandville Medical

Most people are secretive about getting their bodies done but I don't see why. However, some superheroes have been very vocal and even went the extra mile to document their BBL journey. So for the sake of anyone out there who wants to hear the unfiltered truth about getting this cosmetic surgery, you should watch this

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