5 Celebrity Signature Hairstyles



5 Celebrity Signature Hairstyles

Check out these iconic celebrities and their signature hairstyles that have become a part of popular Trends.

By Adebayo Olabisi

PUBLISHED: February 26, 2024

Celebrity signature hairstyles have been a source of fascination and inspiration for people worldwide. Celebrities often set trends and influence popular culture with their ever-changing hairstyles, whether attending red-carpet events or making everyday appearances. These hairstyles can range from dramatic chops and vibrant color changes to signature looks that become synonymous with their persona. As a result, they often become iconic and spark conversations on social media platforms and in fashion magazines.

Check out these 5 Nigerian Celebrities who are setting the trend with their signature hairstyles. From bold braids to chic afros, these styles will inspire you to step up your hair game.

Ayra Starr’s French Curl Braids

Ayra Starr is a rising Nigerian music artist who has been making waves in the industry since her debut in 2020. Known for her unique sound and style, Ayra Starr has also become recognized for her signature hairstyle. Her go-to look is a bold, colorful, braided hairstyle featuring bright and pastel colors.

Her signature hairstyle perfectly reflects her vibrant personality and artistic expression. Her hair is a stunning display of intricate braids, varying patterns and sizes, and beautiful curls. It's a sight to behold and an undeniable testament to her impeccable sense of style. Some styles feature French Curls braids, while others have braided cornrows and pick-and-drop braid style, which she usually wears in a half ponytail. Her colors add fun and creativity to the look, ranging from brunette to red or blond.

In addition to her braids, She often accessorizes her hair with beads and other decorative elements, adding even more personality and flair to her signature style and making her stand out from other artists in the industry.

Her hairstyle has become so popular that it has inspired fans worldwide to try the look for themselves. Many have posted photos of their colorful braids on social media, showing how Ayra's style has become a trendsetter in Nigerian fashion and beauty.

Overall, Ayra Starr's signature hairstyle is bold and beautiful, perfectly reflecting her unique style and personality.

Asa’s Dreadlocks

Asa is a talented Nigerian-French singer and songwriter who produces soulful music with pop, folk, and international influences. She is known for her captivating performances filled with warm neo-soul songs and reggae tunes.

Asa's signature hairstyle is dreadlocks, which are as distinctive and captivating as her music. Her roots in Nigeria and a global fanbase make Asa's dreadlocks an integral part of her identity and artistic expression. Her dreadlocks beautifully showcase her style and attention to detail. Each slender strand is adorned with carefully chosen beads, reflecting her unique taste and creativity. Her dedication to maintaining her locks is evident in their flawless appearance. They reflect her connection to her African heritage and her commitment to individuality. Her dreadlocks symbolize strength, resilience, and cultural pride and embody the essence of her music.

Asa's dreadlocks hold a more profound meaning within the context of her music and message. They serve as a bold declaration of individuality and a celebration of diversity. As a role model for authenticity and self-expression, Asa's dreadlocks have inspired many fans to embrace their natural beauty and cultural heritage. They stand as a testament to the power of embracing one's uniqueness and breaking free from societal norms.

Yemi Alade’s Mohawk Fulani Braids 

Yemi Alade is a Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter famous for her energetic performances and electrifying music. However, she is also known for her unique and vibrant hairstyles that reflect her bold personality and African heritage.

Yemi Alade's signature hairstyle often features colorful and intricately braided designs adorned with traditional African accessories such as beads and cowrie shells. These hairstyles celebrate her cultural roots and serve as a powerful expression of identity and pride.

One of her most iconic looks is the "crown braid," her hair is braided and arranged in a circular pattern in the front of her head, resembling a regal crown. This hairstyle highlights her stunning features and exudes confidence and strength, echoing the themes of empowerment often found in her music.

Besides braids, She experiments with bold colors, curls, and updos, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and self-expression.

Yemi Alade's unique approach to hairstyling goes beyond mere fashion statements, as her hairstyles have become integral to her persona, inspiring fans worldwide to embrace their natural beauty and celebrate their cultural heritage through their unique hairstyles. Her hairstyles are a means of expression and a celebration of African pride and identity.

Chef Hilda Baci Cornrow Braid

Hilda Effiong Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci, is a well-known Nigerian chef, restaurateur, actress, and holder of the Guinness World Record for marathon cooking (cook-athon). She achieved this feat in May 2023 by cooking for 93 hours and 11 minutes, showcasing her innovative dishes and vibrant personality.

Apart from her culinary skills, Hilda Baci is also known for her distinctive hairstyle, which has become an iconic symbol of her brand. Her signature cornrow braided hairstyle is a testament to her creativity and attention to detail. The hairstyle features cornrows of different sizes, including a big braid and a small one beside it, low bun stitch cornrows, big cornrows, and Fulani braids with multiple strands woven together to create an elegant all-back style.

The cornrows of different sizes are Hilda's favorite hairstyle, and she even wore them during the cook-a-thon competition, which she styled into a professional bob. 

Hilda's braided hairstyle has become synonymous with her brand, symbolizing creativity, attention to detail, and a passion for food and fashion. Her hairstyling reflects her multifaceted talent and has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the culinary world. Her signature hairstyle is necessary for a simple yet classic look that exudes elegance and sophistication.

TY Bello Natural Curls 

Ty Bello, the renowned Nigerian singer, songwriter, and photographer, has not only captivated audiences with her talent but also with her distinctive signature hairstyle. Her iconic look features voluminous, natural curls cascading around her face, exuding confidence and elegance.

This signature hairstyle has become synonymous with her identity, reflecting her beauty and celebrating Africa's heritage. It's a style that speaks to authenticity and individuality, embodying the essence of self-expression.

Ty Bello's hairstyle is more than just a fashion statement; it symbolizes empowerment and self-assurance. In a world where beauty standards often dictate conformity, Embracing her natural curls sends a powerful message of self-love and acceptance.

Beyond its symbolism, Her hairstyle has also sparked trends and inspired countless individuals to embrace their natural hair texture. It has become an emblem of pride within the African diaspora and a representation of the beauty found in diversity.

As Ty Bello continues to inspire through her music, art, and activism, her signature hairstyle remains an enduring symbol of strength, authenticity, and beauty. 

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