Different Types Of People With The Problem They Face In Their Natural Hair Journey And The Best Products That Can Solve Their Problem

Are you looking for how to grow your hair faster, increase your hair volume, minimize breakage and retain length? we have the best products just for you

By Clavia Okoli

May 24, 2023

Different Types Of People With The Problem They Face In Their Natural Hair Journey And The Best Products That Can Solve Their Problem

The ones that started keeping natural hair because it was a trend

Some of us joined science class because most of our friends were in science class. Losing your clique in secondary school is like losing the essence of who you are. Everybody has their own clique. They move together, know almost everything about each other, have known themselves the longest, and most importantly, they are gist partners. Life without them would be horrible. You can’t join other cliques because you won't feel like you belong. And you have tasted what it means to have your own people. The easiest thing to do is to follow them wherever they go. it doesn't matter if numbers look like alien text to you as long as you have your friends. You succumb to peer pressure for your happiness. But for how long? One day you will wake up and realize you are just wasting your time. You either continue to waste your parent's money while endangering your future or you snap out of it and focus on what's more important.

The craze to join the natural hair gang is the same. Succumbing to peer pressure or going with the trend. You want to do it because every other person is doing it. But do you have the patience to see it through? Do you have the endurance to wade through the pain? Will you be able to spend money on natural hair products? It's not just about admiring other people’s well-kept hair. Can you do what they do?

The ones that keep natural hair without spending a dime on natural hair products

Haa! How do you cope? Even with products like leave-in conditioners that are specifically made to soften the hair, most 4c hair still won't budge. And you don't even make use of any? At all? You must give me the painkillers you use or the odachi that gives you the strength to endure. I don't see myself ever touching my hair without a moisturizer and spray bottle at hand. Not only is detangling your hair without a moisturizer very painful, but it also causes hair breakage, split ends, and stunted hair growth. 

If brushing your teeth promotes good oral hygiene, then moisturizing your hair promotes healthy hair growth.

The ones that think shea butter is the alpha and omega for natural hair

Please, please. Allow it to rest. Shea butter alone isn't the answer to all your natural hair concerns. Contrary to popular opinion, shea butter can't solve all the issues. It's a great moisturizer, yes. But it will not cure dandruff or aid faster hair growth. You eat healthily, yes? All six classes of food had to be considered to make a healthy diet, yes? So why then do you subject your hair to only fats? Do you want it to be obese? 

The ones that get frustrated when they are unable to manage their natural hair.

Don't we all get frustrated managing our natural hair? Behind every glamorous well-styled natural hair you see are aching arms, soaked shirts, painful combing and detangling, occasional hisses and giving up, scattering and starting afresh. Why must every female beautifying process be painful? God was really out to show Eve shege.

The ones that immediately relax their hair after one painful hair appointment

I'm hollering. The only thing holding me from joining this group is my fear of weak and flat hair. I love voluminous hair. I love when my hair defies gravity even when tied up in a ponytail. I love the tiny coils and how wavy it appears when you apply a gel to it. I love how the volume can shade me from the sun when I wear it down. These reasons and more are why I can never relax my hair, irrespective of the pain I feel.  I have a mantra for every time the pain becomes almost unbearable. I start whispering “I can do this, I can't relax my hair”, under my breath.

The ones that spend a fortune on natural hair without seeing results

Hehe! That something is expensive does not mean it will work. Sticking to what works for you is the best thing you can do for your hair. And what works need not be expensive. If your hair likes it, then that's what you should get.

The ones that change hair products like it's their wardrobe 

Stop changing your products like you change your clothes. You buy every product that pops up on your Instagram feed like you screenshot every dress from AMVCA Awards.  You are confusing your hair just as you are about to confuse that Ikorodu Ali-Wang. Don't come crying about what I ordered vs what I got on Obasanjo’s internet. I understand that it's tempting to try every hair product that comes your way but please, resist the urge to do that. You are doing more harm than you may know. Learn to be loyal to the products that have worked for you and be patient with your hair.

Caring for natural hair is very tasking. But finding a product that does what it says is even more tasking. Most products out there don't make any changes to natural hair. I have used tons of products and even homemade ones, but only one brand seems to have gotten it right with my hair.

I have 4c hair, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because it's not easy managing it. Most stylists can’t manage it either. It's left for you to figure it out yourself. And I have. After so many trials and errors. I finally found the one.

Amari Haircare is the answer to all my natural hair prayers. The growth, the volume, the texture, and the shine. If you keep natural hair, then you know it's a miracle to find the solution to all your hair concerns in one place. Be it stunted hair growth, scanty hair, bald edges, hair breakage, dandruff, and strong hair texture, Amari is your answer.

The Amari hair care complete kit contains a natural hair moisturizer, a hair growth serum, a vitamin serum, an aloe vera oil blend, a fermented rice water clarifying shampoo, an ayurvedic deep conditioner, a leave-in protein treatment, and a pH balancing hair mist + cleanser.

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I will take it one after the other and tell you exactly what these products can do for your hair in detail as it has done for mine.


Natural Hair Moisturizer

It says natural hair doesn't mean relaxed hair can't benefit from this luxury. With this moisturizer, you don't need to soak your hair in water for it to be effective. Just go ahead and section your hair into four, scoop out the moisturizer, and apply it to dry hair. Apply from the root to the tip of the hair.

This moisturizer will soften any type of hair, it doesn't matter if your 4c hair can break nails like mine. it will beat the stubbornness out of it. It also defines your curls or coils. Those curls/coils you think are long gone will reappear before your very eyes. And the most amazing thing about it is that it can keep your hair moisturized for 78hrs. It saves you money as you don't need to reapply every day.

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Hair Growth Serum

This serum changed my natural hair game. I used to believe that hair growth is all genetics. If you are not born with it, then no product can help you. But this serum proved me so wrong that I'm glad it did. 

I came across Amari’s page on Instagram in 2020, and I decided to get their serum as my hair was in desperate need of a savior. And save my hair it did. My hair length had visible growth and retention after a few months of using it. And I vowed to not keep this secret to myself. It's a product that should be shared and gifted amongst friends. 

The serum is lightweight, so you don't need to worry about product build-up that can cause dandruff or itching. It also contains an essential oil (peppermint I think) that helps open up your scalp for better penetration of the serum and it also helps air enter your scalp.

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Aloe Vera Oil

This oil is very beneficial for loc hairs as it can reduce breakage, and split ends while promoting stronger hair shafts and elasticity. This is not to say that this oil is only for loc’d hairs, because I'm enjoying everything it has to offer on my unloc’d hair.

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Fermented Rice Water Clarifying Shampoo

If you know rice water, you will know that it's a magic potent for achieving increased hair volume and length, better hair shine and appearance, stronger follicles, repair to cuticle damage, and prevention of dandruff. 

Any kind of shampoo can wash dirt off your hair but only Amari’s fermented rice water clarifying shampoo can give you so much more than a clean scalp.

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Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner

This deep conditioner can be used just before you shampoo your hair to protect the hair from breakage. Apply it and leave for 30 minutes, then wash it out before applying your shampoo. You can also apply it after shampooing your hair.

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Leave-in Protein Treatment

The protein treatment is designed to help reduce breakage and strengthen the hair. And it's not a product for your daily use. It should be used every 4-6 weeks. I know you might be excited to use all the products every day, I understand the feeling. But please, follow the instruction to get the best out of your products.

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pH Balancing Hair Mist + Cleanser

The pH level of your scalp plays a very important role in how healthy your hair is and how it appears. Using the ph balancing hair mist may benefit you if you have a sensitive or damaged scalp. But you can also use it if you have healthy hair just to be in a safe space.

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