Uru Eke Shares Her Beauty Tips And How She Stays Confident

Uru Eke Shares Her Beauty Tips And How She Stays Confident

By Iverson Akhigbe

July 28, 2022

Uru Eke Shares Her Beauty Tips And How She Stays Confident

Nollywood sensation and actress known for her producing debut "Remember Me", her role as Obi in Ndani TV's popular web series "Rumour Has It", Last Flight to Abuja, and much more answered a few beauty questions we have always wanted to know to inquire about.

What's your favorite beauty product? 

The 'Origins' Beauty range.
I'm loyal to their micro-dermabrasion scrub and face wash.  They get rid of free radicals that cause significant damage to the skin and contain antioxidants that fight against the free radicals.

What are your thoughts on BBL (Brazilian Butt lift).

I have nothing against people who go under the knife. It's like having crooked, bad teeth and getting veneers or saggy breasts and getting a boob job. Nigerians/Africans need to get over it and realize that people get augmentations for various reasons, either for vanity, corrective or cosmetic.

Ever had a spa treatment?  If yes how often do you visit the spa?

I have had spa treatments, but not as often as I should, The last time i went to the spa was almost two years ago

What are your tips on working out to build a great body like yours?

I work out about 3-4 days a week. I've been this way for over 10years. If a week went by and i didn't exercise I would start to feel extremely uncomfortable. I target my difficult areas, like my belly and underarms. There are specific exercises that help you tone the muscles in these areas and keep them firm but you have to be consistent and regular to see results. Also, it's important to cut out the junk. Your diet plays a key part in how your body turns out, and don't be deceived that you can exercise and eat as you like. Before you know it, the weight creeps up on you. So eat right, cut out the filth and control your portions.

Heavy makeup or Natural looks?

I'm more of a natural look kind of girl. I'll only wear the heavy stuff if i have an event to attend.

Do you think body-shaming is necessary for certain people?

Why on earth would body-shaming be necessary. Let the experts advise the individual if they need to put on weight or lose it, that's if their health is at risk with how over/underweight a person is.  Also if someone has had work done on their body and turns out botched, it's not in your place to embarrass them into hiding or batter their self-esteem.

Your confidence is certainly one thing we love about you. How have you been able to reach this level of confidence that we can all feel through your acting roles?

Well, thank you. I've always been this way. I don't bother about the next person or what anyone else is doing. I concentrate on myself and my hustle, with this I'm content with what I have. My work is my joy, I enjoy it and maybe this is the confidence that you also see. Having said that when you enjoy what you do, it doesn't seem like work anymore and simply becomes second nature.