What Causes Pregnancy Nose And How To Reduce The Swelling

Pregnancy nose is caused by pregnancy hormones, oestrogen and, progesterone which enlarge your blood vessels causing swelling around the entire body including the nose.

By Clavia Okoli

PUBLISHED: September 26, 2023

What Causes Pregnancy Nose And How To Reduce The Swelling


If you have wondered what your evil doppelganger from an alternate universe will look like, wonder no more because chances are you will come face-to-face with her during pregnancy. Just like the humorous social media phrase goes" Pregnancy will humble you".

Pregnancy Nose is not a pregnancy side effect you can reject and it will reject you. It seems to affect those who reject it the most. Being a fine girl with flawless skin wouldn't save you from meeting the apelike version of you.

Pregnancy Nose has been making rounds on social media with expecting mamas taking before and after pictures of their pregnancy journey. The changes are so bizarre that it's taking away from the awareness it was supposed to provide by scaring potential mothers away from motherhood.

Every time one of these before and after video clips surfaces, people take to the comment section to express their shock at what it takes to bring another human into the world. To some, it gives them a fresh perspective and a renewed respect for womanhood. To others, it scares them so much that they begin to doubt if they can stick around while their significant other shapeshifts into a different unattractive face.

The good news is that social media has increased the awareness of what to expect during pregnancy. Our bodies react to pregnancy differently, the issue of a big nose doesn't happen to all mamas. But even if it happens to you, you and your loved ones already know it's a normal pregnancy symptom that will go away after childbirth.

What causes a pregnancy nose?

During pregnancy, your body expands to support the growing fetus. The pregnancy hormones, estrogen, and progesterone enlarge your blood vessels causing swelling around the entire body including the nose. Pregnancy nose is the most feared symptom as it results in a temporal facial deformity that makes one unrecognisable. If we are living in the age of letter writing as a means of communication, husbands might chase their wives out of the house when they return from a two-month business trip.

When does swelling start during pregnancy?

Swelling can start in the 2nd trimester and progress more into the third trimester. Your body produces 50% more blood and fluids to support your growing baby during pregnancy. The excess fluids help to soften and expand your body for baby development and prepare your joints for delivery. The excess fluids can accumulate on your ankle, wrists, face, and nose.

How to reduce nose swelling during pregnancy

Honestly, you don't have a say as to how your body reacts to the presence of your little one. There is not much you can do about it. But you can do a few things to minimise the swelling

1. Always make sure to sleep with a comfortable pillow that can elevate your head properly.

2. Reduce intake of salts or salty foods like chips

3. Drink lots and lots of water. Your body is making more blood at this stage. So a lot of water is needed to keep it circulating well

4. Indulge in facial massages. Use your fingers, a jade roller or gua sha to do a lymphatic drainage massage after applying your serums.

5. Take morning or evening walks

6. Always wash your face with cold or lukewarm water in the morning when you wake up

7. Take more cold shower baths instead of hot shower

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