What To know Before Using Rice Water on Your Hair

The rice water legend for our proudly kinky African hair is becoming increasingly popular and a lot of women, even from other races are experimenting on the rice water recipe.

By Iverson Akhigbe

August 02, 2022

What To know Before Using Rice Water on Your Hair

It has been established that the long hair phase was majorly found in Japanese women during the Heian period. As such, historians readily provided clues into their beauty recipes for body, face, and hair. The discovery of the potency of rice water following proofs of the pictures of the women who used it have recycled over the millennials and have now dropped on our feet. 

Not just retention and growth, it has been said that rice water also retains the hair color and the use of dye was not necessary. In this article, however, we will be exploring practically tested, and trusted ways you know rice water works on your hair. There are no exaggerations or white lies like what you are probably constantly reading. Amongst other reasons you should continue reading is that everything to be stated hereafter are things and processes you can achieve without machines or tools, not even a refrigerator all coupled with a pleasant fragrance.

Read our article on how to make your rice water without any stress here. In addition, here’s a quick tip on how you should use your rice water for a better result. Rice water is the milky, starchy water you get off from rice grains after washing, soaking, or boiling them. Research says that rice grain contains 78-80 percent starch. And while I cannot biologically explain the implication of this, I will take you on the journey that I, myself, am on. As rice water is got from rice grains, it contains some of the nutrients that are in rice. 

These nutrients are: 



Amino acids 


 So many reviews point out that rice water grows the hair like magic, but when you look at their hair you really wonder where the magic is. More so, beauty influencers who have been growing their hair for years would put up videos to show that rice water grew their hair in a week. While rice water does these things and more, it does not grow the hair in a week. A healthy individual irrespective of gender and who has a healthy scalp is expected to have growth of 1cm a month. This states that regardless of the rate at which an individual’s hair grows, growth is inevitable. From experience, here are the few things rice water can do to your hair: 


Already, rice water is said to retain any color.

 As such, it can help recover a hair’s natural shine, giving you that glowy Africanness.


It is the capability of rice water to strengthen hairs from the follicles that aids in growth retention. As such as the hair grows naturally, and rice water helps in retaining that growth.


 Rice water has a temporary inkling to soften the hair, helping you to detangle and subsequently to comb it while it is soft. Further preventing excessive hair breakages and loss. Here’s a gentle warning note; use rice water on your sparingly.

Once in three weeks will do the trick. This is because you want to avoid excess protein buildup, flaky and itchy scalp, and excessive dryness. Always follow up your rice water wash day with a good hair moisturizer to give your hair a better chance of growth. Enjoy your journey