What You Should Know About Lip Blushing With Tattoo for Fuller Lips

Are you ready for permanent lip stains?

By Iverson Akhigbe

September 05, 2022

What You Should Know About Lip Blushing With Tattoo for Fuller Lips

It's time to consider lip blushing if you're fixated on the look that lip tints produce (i.e., a subtle touch of color that won't budge). Don't be alarmed by the name's pleasant connotations; it basically refers to a lip tattoo. Beauty experts explains how lip tattooing functions, if it hurts, and whether it may genuinely make your lips appear larger.

What Is Lip Blushing?

According to Aura, lip blushing is a type of semi-permanent tattoo or cosmetics where people want to change the color of their lip border or the lip's real substance. It's natural for people to lose color as they get older, especially women's lips and lip lines. Many women use lip liner to compensate for the loss of color and lip definition and to give the lips a little plumper appearance.

In order to construct layers of color on the lips, a tiny mechanical needle deposits pigment there. According to sources, it can aid with asymmetry as well as be a corrective procedure to help balance out the tone of the lips. Depending on where you reside, the treatment might cost anywhere from  217,750 Naira to 653,250 Naira each visit.

How Permanent Is Lip Blushing?

The outcomes differ from person to person, much like a cosmetic procedure like microblading, which involves manually making tiny slits in the skin that are subsequently filled with ink. Lip blushing can typically last for several years, though your lifestyle can affect how long it lasts. For example, smoking and sun exposure can hasten the fading process. The pigment may also fade more quickly if you have an iron deficiency, are oil-prone, or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skin care routine.

A tattoo on the lips sounds painful—especially for someone who might be looking for an alternative to getting injected with filler. “It can be done with topical anesthesia and is tolerable,” Frank shares for patients who are nervous.

If you’re worried about your pain tolerance, a pain reliever like Tylenol can be taken prior to the appointment; but be warned, you should avoid aspirin and ibuprofen, since they can thin the blood and cause more sensitivity.

What to Expect From Your Appointment

First, pout preparation. The lips are pre-numbed with a topical anesthetic for 20 minutes. The technician will then sketch the outline of your "new" lips so you may inspect them and make any necessary adjustments.

Depending on the aesthetic you're striving for, the operation takes an hour to an hour and a half, if not more. Your lips could be puffy after the visit because, after all, it is a tattoo, so you can apply ice to them if required. Your lips will begin to recover over the course of the following week, which might cause them to scab, so it's crucial to plan this carefully around your schedule.

When it comes to scabs, it’s important that they fall off naturally—picking them can result in scarring or loss of pigment in those areas. Also, avoid workouts and sun exposure for two weeks, and if you plan on getting injections, wait a full month. Sleeping on your face could also cause the scabs to fall off prematurely. An occlusive ointment like Aquaphor should be worn to keep the lips properly moisturized.

Important note: if you have a history of cold sores or herpes, the procedure could trigger an outbreak. Prescribed anti-viral medication should be taken in advance of the appointment, and it should be noted that cold sores can affect the healed results of the lip blush.

How to Find a Trained Technician

The biggest con to lip blushing is if it’s not done appropriately, it could appear fake looking,” says Frank. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and find an incredible technician. To find a trained specialist, it’s important to ask the right questions and not base your decisions off of social media. Always ask how long they’ve been performing semi permanent makeup procedures—the longer, the better. If they have a Yelp profile, check for reviews within the last six months regarding the service you’re looking to get. Some states require technicians to obtain a blood-borne pathogen certificate or a body art/esthetician license, but each state varies, so check your state board to learn what qualifications cosmetic tattoo artists require.

Instagram is a great discovery tool when it comes to learning about these procedures and potentially finding a technician to work with, but take caution and look at the tech’s body of work, not just one or two photos.

How Long Does Lip Blushing Last?

Like any procedure or treatment, there’s maintenance involved. Not picking the scabs off your lips is key to an easy healing process—so is keeping them hydrated. (Again, Aquaphor!). “Once the desired result is achieved, patients may need touchups on a yearly basis,” says Bella. Basically, the same level of maintenance as microblading your brows.

Can It Make Your Lips Look Bigger?

Look is the key word here. “Although lip blushing does not make the lips actually larger, one perceives them to be bigger—just like makeup,” says bella. “It gives a plumper appearance or a more defined appearance. We must look at it as a semi-permanent form of makeup."