The Best Campfire Cooking Kits for Your Next Outdoor Adventure


The Best Campfire Cooking Kits for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Ready to take your outdoor cooking to the next level? Check out our favorite camping fire cooking kits!

By Iverson Akhigbe

November 05, 2022

We hope you enjoy the products we suggest! Our editors chose each of them independently. Although some were sent as samples, all opinions and reviews are our own. If you decide to shop through the links on this page, Aura may receive a portion of the sales or other revenue. Oh, and just so you know, prices are correct and things are in stock at the time of writing.

A campfire cooking kit, as the name suggests, is a set of tools and utensils that you can use to cook food over a campfire. It usually includes a grill, pots and pans, a utensil set, and occasionally a cutting board. But not all camping cookware is created equal. So how do you know which one is right for you? Well, that's where we come in. We've put together a list of the best campfire cooking kits on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your next outdoor adventure.

1. The most popular bowl campfire cook set, which consists of a stainless steel pot with a lockable handle, a vented top, and two insulated tumblers for enjoying the produce of your labor. On Amazon, it has approximately 18,000 5-star reviews. It is quite straightforward but performs brilliantly.

If you enjoy hiking and backpacking, you will eventually require a means of boiling water and cooking food. The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is now available. This cook set is certainly among the best available for the price. It is composed of 18/8 stainless steel, which won't rust on you and is simple to clean with a scrub pad or even sand from a lake or stream side. Along with two 10 oz insulated cups for hot beverages, the lid contains holes that make it simple to drain water if necessary.


2. If you're searching for a basic set of pots and pans that can meet your culinary demands on the trail, consider a five-piece camp cooking set that is incredibly economical.

Review: "This set is all that is required for a single person to go camping, and on the most recent trip, it was sufficient for me to share a dish with my companion who had forgotten his. Because it is made of lightweight metal, things will burn within if you are not careful. Even so, it always seems to clean up perfectly for me. A pot holder, washcloth, and small container of dish soap may fit between items in the kit's tight clam shell packing design. This kit has been in my pack for about two years, and it has always worked well for me."


3. There's nothing like sitting in front of a raging bonfire and knowing your next meal is going to be fantastic, so we created a pre-seasoned cast-iron campfire cooking set.

Review: “For our camping trip, my boyfriend and I were looking for a cast-iron cooking set to use over the fire. They were typically sold separately and were quite pricey both when purchasing online and in physical stores. Then I discovered this set, which was really reasonably priced. You would expect them to be of lower quality at such a low price, but unexpectedly, they weren't. We have already used this set twice and are pleased with how well-made the pot and pan are. I particularly adore the lid lifter and the tiny handle glove for preventing burns. I'm content with mine. A must-have for any camper or someone searching for a cast-iron set.”

4. A stove kit that is really simple to light and use to start boiling your yummy food. What's better, it all nests inside the pot so you can pack it up and go.

Please take note that fuel is not included with this stove. The majority of self-sealing gasoline canisters are compatible with it.

Review: “I recently returned from a four-day hiking trip with my new MSR cookset and stove. With it, I couldn't be happier. The cups keep beverages warm for a very long time with the lid on, and the pot was nonstick and excellent quality. The MSR Pocket Rocket is fantastic and has amazing flame control. It simmers extremely well and quickly boils water. I adore how the entire set nests and uses up very little space in my pack. Overall, a fantastic product.”


5. A lightweight, compact campfire cooking equipment that is perfect for both novice and seasoned outdoor adventurers alike and contains a camp stove, nesting pot, windscreen to protect your flame, liquid fuel, a fire striker, and tinder kindler.

Review: "This Solostove small is a force to be reckoned with! On my camping trips, I drink a lot of tea and stick to simple soups, so this cooking set was a wonderful fit for me. Because I live in a place with bitterly severe winters, the alcohol burner comes in handy when no wood is available for burning."


6. An eight-piece campfire cooking kit designed to feed three or more people, allowing you to prepare excellent meals for the entire camping party.

Review: "I acquired these because my old camp cookery set could only accommodate two people." I wanted something bigger and more capable now that I have additional mouths to feed. The quality of the handles is the nicest thing I can say about these. I was making a big pot of chili in the largest of the pots, and it was so full that the lid barely fit. It was quite heavy, and I half expected the folding handle to snap, but it didn't. I double-checked the handle to make sure it wasn't damaged after we finished the chili, and it was OK. It folded up neatly and returned to the bag.


7. A one-person 10-piece camp cookware set designed to let any solitary hiker feel right at home cooking in the great outdoors.

Review: "I LOVE the cooking set! I actually took it backpacking right after I got it and it was the perfect size for one person. The bowls are just right for oatmeal in the morning and the larger pot was the right size to cook enough rice and lentils for two people. The handles are wonderfully sturdy and all the utensils that came with the set collapse to a nice size and are easily light enough to carry."


8. A 21-piece campfire cooking equipment that includes a cutting board and drying rack (!!!) and so many components that you'll believe you're looking for a Michelin star rating on the trees.

Review: "It's really everything you need to cook and feed a crew of four out at the camping," says one promising reviewer. It's a little hefty for backpacking, but it's fantastic for base camping/car camping! And because it's Stanley, you can expect it to be long-lasting, easy to clean, and well-designed. I've had a several of these over the years because you will eventually lose some of the smaller pieces, but the pot, skillet, pates, and combo spoon/forks will last. It's also fantastic that it nests into itself. It saves a lot of space and is really useful when packing for the weekend. This and other Stanley items are highly recommended!


9. A camping grill set so you can transport the barbeque anywhere you go, even high in the mountains where you didn't believe you'd be able to eat a fantastic burger but it turns out you can!

This set includes a lifter for a Dutch oven, a grill, and a charcoal holder. You can buy a Dutch oven separately or use your own.

Review: "Really a wonderful camping equipment," says one promising reviewer. Very small, fits a 10 quart dutch oven and has a little grill. There aren't many loose pieces to lose, and it folds up for storage in a compact space. Built to last a long time. I like it because it keeps the cast iron off the ground while yet keeping it close to the coals. It has a tiny grilling surface but is adequate for two people. It definitely improves the use of the dutch oven and allows you to bring the cooking where you want it rather than over or near an open fire.


10. A stainless-steel bottle cooking set with a little burner and fuel discs so you can have a sizzling hot dinner you won't believe you cooked yourself, with no need for contemporary technology.

Self Reliance Outfitters is an Indianapolis-based small business dedicated to delivering survival education and equipment to all outdoor lovers.

Review: Positive feedback: "This cooking set is fantastic. It is lightweight, well-designed, and compact. To quickly heat water or create a stew in the pot, I can either use canned fuel or start a tiny fire. It is well-made and will withstand whatever you throw at it. I'm extremely pleased with this purchase and want to add some more items to my bush crafting supplies shortly."