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4 Things Your Style Says About You
Are you standing in front of your wardrobe and trying to select an outfit for today?
By Iverson Akhigbe
PUBLISHED: November 07, 2022



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One hard nut to crack might be picking out what to wear. What are you going to wear and
why? Fashion is not just something you wear, it also says a lot about your personality.
Our fashion choices are an extension of our emotions, confidence and quirks. Your style is
the sentence that your mouth does not need to enunciate. Today I am going to show you
how style unveils some of your secrets.
A long time ago, when people lived under rocks and beside streams, there was little in the
way of fashion. People dressed based on climate obligations and culture. However, in
modern times, the names of designers and fashionistas in the world could fill a whole
bookstore. With every day there is a new invention in fashion standards and styles.
Style is very important in creating the perfect first impression. The perfect taste in clothes,
presentation and dress sense will leave an aftertaste of beauty and attraction in the mind of
whomever you are meeting. Style does not necessarily have to be about fashion. it could be
about the way we speak and express ourselves.
Whether you love visiting the mall and tearing your way down the expensive boutique stores
or buying unique retro pieces from thrift stores, style affects your mood and it can either
make you happy, sad, angry or irritated. Whether you are imitating celebrities, a fashion
magazine, or just creatively curating your own style, style represents you.

The corporate mogul

If you are always in corporate outfits rather than casual, it could show how you value
yourself primarily through work related accomplishments. People who are always caught in
corporate outfits tend to be serious, diplomatic, career oriented and powerful. People treat
you seriously and tend to be formal around you. With your style, It might be best to begin a
conversation with a motivational quote or current business statistic rather than a joke from
Basket Mouth.

The fashionista

If you like the big names, Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Chanel, and Fendi.. .
then you probably enjoy the finer things in life and always seek luxury. People might identify
you as being high class and this might give you some preferential treatment (who doesn’t
like a bit of that?). In short, you just want to relax and be taken care of.

The down to earth darling

People who are down to earth tend to go for more casual clothing with natural tones like
greens, browns, and neutral hues. If you like to be comfortable and stick to particular style
palettes this might show that you can be shy at times and prefer to do things at your own
pace. You make others feel at ease and don’t draw too much attention to yourself.

The minimalist

If you’re a minimalist then your style might be simple and clean cut with as little flashiness as
possible. Minimalists are typically organized people who like to keep things clean, clear and
without clutter. You might not like a lot of clothes in your wardrobe or bright shiny colours.
Their style consists of only the essentials and people usually enjoy their company as they
tend to be straightforward, interesting, and direct.
Style is diverse and the four styles listed here is just the tip of the iceberg!
People can share similar or different styles depending on their preferences. From the
simplest choice of colors, to the way caps should be worn or bags could be carried. Or if you
would rather hang out at the gym, coffee shop, mall or your house. Or if you would rather
post an inspirational quote on Instagram, a funny meme, your latest outfit, or the picture of a
Your style can showcase whether you are relaxed, high class, fun, crazy, boring, interesting
and a whole lot more. You can walk into a room and steal the show- all without saying a
word! Whether you’re dressing for official or unofficial considerations, style is a choice that is
an extension of our unfinished words. When it comes to style, be careful with what you say
and how you say it!

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