7 Current Fashion Trends Influenced By Old Nollywood Movies


7 Current Fashion Trends Influenced By Old Nollywood Movies

Without a doubt, the 90s and early 2000s were fascinating and exciting times, especially for the fashion scene.

By Iverson Akhigbe

July 29, 2022

“What goes around comes around” takes a literal meaning in the world of fashion, fashion trends always go in a cycle, and the Nigerian fashion scene isn’t an exemption. 

Old Nollywood movies were big on style and they never held back on showing it. This is evident in their wardrobe styling, the looks, and the serves, always beautifully done. 
It’s 2021 and a lot of these fashion trends we grew up watching have become a fashion choice for a lot of us, our sense of style is highly influenced by fashion trends from old Nollywood movies. 
How did this come about?

Possible ways old Nollywood fashion trends spread
Fashion is a fast-traveling and evolving entity, it travels or spreads in different ways. Here are some factors that play a role in spreading old nolly fashion trends:
Watching old Nollywood movies on tv. 
Social media influencers and fashion bloggers.
Word of mouth.
Street style.
Fashion designers.

From ridiculously low-rise jeans to shiny durags, the old Nollywood fashion scene left a large imprint on Gen z, imagine achieving this in a time without the ease of social media, phenomenal!
Come with us as we share 7 current fashion trends from old Nollywood movies that have made a massive comeback!


Photo credit: @nolly.babes  @amyokoli 
Source: Instagram

Whether it’s the bandana, satin scarf, or cotton variant, tie-back tops have actively made a comeback. Although more modernized, they still promise to make a statement.
Tie-back tops were a big thing back in the day, if they needed to portray that hot girl aesthetic, this was the go-to top!


Photo credit: @nolly.babes @tenientertainer @neo_akpofure
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Durags don’t just preserve brushed hair and give that beautiful wavy effect, they have always been an important part of the cool kid demeanor. From the Nollywood bad boy days of the likes of Jim Iyke and a host of others up until now, durags are one fashion trend that seemed to have come to stay.
Durags usually come in satin material and are available in a wide range of exciting colours.
In old Nollywood movies, durags were worn by mostly men but over time, more women are beginning to embrace durags and we absolutely love it!


Photo credit: @nolly.babes @its.priscy
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Decades later and boot-cut jeans are still actively raving the Nigerian fashion scene. Also known as bell bottoms, they are one of 21st century Nigeria’s most common fashions come back.
Pioneer Nollywood celebrities like Oge Okoye, Rita Dominic, Genevieve Nnaji, and a lot of their colleagues rocked bootcut jeans so well and we absolutely love to see the trend live on, it gives the real hot girl vibe, doesn’t it?


Photo credit: @nolly.babes @ashh.ok
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The prevalence of low-rise jeans and skirts has been high rising, pun intended. Wink*
For some of us, low-rise jeans we were fascinated by while watching old Nollywood movies as children have become a conventional part of our wardrobe. 
From the early 2000s to almost two decades later, the sexiness and sassiness of low-rise pants and skirts still live on, of course, we love a show of some skin and beautiful women in low-rise pants and skirts!


Photo credit: @nolly.babes @brownsugar_xoxo
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Nollywood actors alike Tonto Dikeh, Jim Iyke pulled off this look effortlessly, 90’s glasses are eccentric in nature, so it takes a lot of poise to really look great in them.
They are slowly creeping up on the Nigerian fashion sphere again and the outcomes are fascinating, it gives cool and calm vibes and we are here for it.


Photo credit: @nolly.babes @ashh.ok @brownsugar_xoxo
Source: Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to look fab and stay shielded from the sun at the same time? Over time bucket hats have been serving us that luxury. It started to make a massive come back in mid-2013 and has since stayed with us. 
From the days of cellphones with antennas till now, it has always been a cool kid fashion item, I’m pretty sure even you own one or more, wink*


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I honestly doubt that your wardrobe as a hot girl in 2021 is complete without a pair of lace-up or tie-up heels. The demeanor that comes with these shoes is super confident. Little wonder why the hot youngins in old Nollywood movies rocked them gracefully. It’s 2021 and lace-up heels are still doing wonders for fashion enthusiasts in Nigeria and we definitely love to see it!

To be brutally honest, we barely touched the hem with these 7 come-back fashion items because there are a lot more fashion trends that came back. From asymmetric dresses to baggy jeans the list is endless. All of this just proves how timeless the existence of fashion and style is.