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12 Dating Formats Nigerian Girls Use To Get A Sugar Daddy

''There is a trend among a lot of Nigerian girls to attend weddings they’re not even invited to just to meet these sugar daddies.''

By Ifunanya Nwanoka

PUBLISHED: September 18, 2023

12 Dating Formats Nigerian Girls Use To Get A Sugar Daddy


Who doesn’t like sugar? Okay fine! Some people don’t. But…who doesn’t like money? No hands raised? Yeah, I  thought so too!

In the relationship scene, sugar dating is basically dating with a benefit attached to it.  In the case of most Nigerian girls, the benefit is money. One of the most popular forms of Sugar dating is Sugar daddy dating and it has gained a notoriety in Nigeria. 

In Nigeria, there are men that have sugar and are ready to spend it on a fine babe and there are women who are ready to  spend somebody’s sugar.

Each sugar dating relationship is unique and shaped by the preferences and needs of both parties involved. There are people who have mastered the art of sugar dating and they’re thriving in it. These people have specific dating formats that they use which always works for them. Let’s explore them below;

12 Dating Formats Nigerian Girls Currently Use To Attract A Sugar Daddy

Posting Classy Instagram Photos

Social media is everything. It has easily become a powerful tool for Nigerian girls looking to connect with potential sugar daddies. The more elegant and rich your photos look, the more you’re likely to get a sugar daddy that has money.

Many of them meticulously curate their online presence, putting  carefully chosen photos and angles that showcase their beauty, and sophistication. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are some of the platforms where these young women aim to catch the eye of wealthy suitors.

Going To  Exclusive Clubs

It’s important that they go to exclusive clubs, not just everyday mediocre clubs. These exclusive clubs will offer them the opportunity to attract high class sugar daddies who sit in the exclusive lounge area and just observe. These girls often frequent these venues, dressing to impress and positioning themselves strategically to attract potential sugar daddies who frequent such establishments.

Evening Walks In The University 

Now, before you get emotionally charged, not all girls who stroll in the evening while on campus are actively looking for a sugar daddy. Some of them just want to unwind and enjoy the cool evening breeze. But, for some others, it is an opportunity to get the attention of the older lecturers and workers who would be coming back home in the evening. They usually dress up in a casual but yet elegant way. It’s a vibe that gives off “not trying to hard but still noticed”.

Attending Professional Networking Events

Attending professional events and conferences in various professional fields is another strategy employed by Nigerian girls seeking sugar daddies. You can meet not just rich and successful older men but also men who are very enlightened. These gatherings provide opportunities to meet accomplished individuals who may be looking for companionship. As a girl going for such events, you have to  invest in your appearance, eloquence, and social skills to make a lasting impression on potential sugar daddies.

Getting  Introduced By  Mutual Contacts

Networking within social circles is a prevalent method for Nigerian girls to connect with sugar daddies discreetly. They have a lot of friends in their circle and they can hint to their friends that they’re in a hunt for a potential sugar daddy. Mutual friends, colleagues, or acquaintances can introduce them to affluent individuals who are open to these arrangements. This approach often provides a level of trust and security that some find appealing.

Visiting Sugar Daddy Websites

Online platforms and dating websites specifically tailored to sugar dating have become increasingly popular in Nigeria. 

You can create profiles on these platforms to connect with potential sugar daddies who are explicitly seeking such arrangements. This is a very easy way to go because the men there know what they want and there are no questions or pretense involved. These websites also provide a convenient and discreet way to find compatible partners.

Owambe and Wedding Events

Wedding events are very celebrated in Nigeria and sometimes, the people involved in the celebration might not even remotely know the couple. Yes! There is a trend among a lot of Nigerian girls to attend weddings they’re not even invited to just to meet these sugar daddies. Most of these big men frequent wedding occasions and are always ready to splurge on the bride and groom during celebrations. 

These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for social networking between the girls and their potential sugar daddies.

Wearing Designer Fits 

Investing in personal styling and fashion is a common strategy used in pursuing sugar daddies. Some even invest in expensive designer clothes to attract sugar daddies. This is because these men are men of high caliber and to entrap them, you have to look like a high value woman. They spend a lot of money and time on their appearance so that they look rich. A sugar daddy is most likely to spend on a girl he thinks has her own money than a broke girl.

Going To The  Gym

It would surprise a lot of people if they knew the amount of women who go to gym with no real intention of actually keeping fit. Most rich older men go to the gym to keep their body fit during the weekends and these girls know it. However, they don’t just go to any gym. They go to a real upscale gym hoping to cross paths with health-conscious, successful sugar daddies.

Charity and Social Events

Participating in charity events, fundraisers, and social gatherings with a philanthropic focus is another avenue people girls to meet sugar daddies. Wealthy individuals who are involved in charitable causes may appreciate the company of like-minded companions who share their passion for giving back to society.

While these strategies may help them achieve their financial goals, it is important to recognize that sugar dating arrangements come with varying degrees of complexity and ethical considerations.

While it's essential to approach relationships with respect and sincerity, it's worth noting that some individuals may seek sugar daddy relationships for various reasons. 

Going To Restaurants

Classy Upscale restaurants often attract well-to-do men who appreciate fine dining experiences. Such venues provide a sophisticated setting for individuals to connect. 

These girls go to restaurants alone with the hope that a sugar daddy might see them while eating and ask them out. They also make sure that their dressed very neatly with elegant makeup. They carry themselves like they’re unaware of their surroundings but secretly scope out the older men in the restsursnts. Sometimes, they drop their number at the table of these older men if they’re alone, with hopes that they will get a call back.

Shopping Centers

This is a great dating format a lot of  Nigerian girls use to find sugar daddies. Shopping centers attract people from various backgrounds. You can “(cough cough) even bump into a handsome older man while searching for things in an aisle and strike up a conversation with them. They can offer to pay for the things you get and in exchange you can give them your number.  

While these settings can provide opportunities to meet people from diverse backgrounds, you should always  approach any relationship regardless of serious or casual it is with utmost sincerity and respect for one another's boundaries and intentions. 

Communication and transparency are key to forming meaningful connections, regardless of where you meet someone or who you meet. 

These dating formats employed by Nigerian girls to attract sugar daddies is a reflection of the changing dynamics of modern relationships. While these dating formats may raise moral and ethical questions, they are for a specific group of people. It’s okay if you’re not into the sugar daddy  scene, but if you’re thinking of dabbling into it, then you can get started with these 10 tips.

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