5 Nigerians Open Up About Eating Ass

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5 Nigerians Open Up About Eating Ass

If someone had questioned me about eating ass, I would have yelled, "Disgor," but I've since come around. Now, whenever someone gives me head, I begin to ask them to also adore my ass.

By Iverson Akhigbe

October 07, 2022

There are still a lot of individuals who find eating ass to be absolutely unpleasant, despite the fact that the discourse has gotten much less judgmental over the past few years and is rather frequent among those who are open to experimentation. In order to get some young Nigerians' honest perspectives on eating ass, our Life and Love editor decided to ask them. Here are some of the finest responses we got, from some who adore it to those who believe it's the most hygienic thing ever.

Beatrice, 32 | Straight Female | Lagos, Nigeria 

In the great name of Jesus, I refuse to eat ass, it's the most unhygienic thing ever. Will you enquire as to when they last defecated? What if they simply cleaned with tissues?
In order to finish things fast, I really ask prospective partners whether they eat ass. Are you really saying that someone will eat my ass and then want to kiss me afterward? Ahhh no with all the bacterias and germs lol it a big no no for me.

Pelumi, 27 | Bisexual Male | Lagos, Nigeria 

I will never be capable of eating anyone's behind. For heaven’s sake, that is where stuff comes from, h my God It’s only happened to me once, and it happened because the guy was pleading with me and telling me he couldn't get hard without doing it. 
It was really amazing, but not amazing enough for me to want to try it again. He was pleading so desperately that I thought the next thing he would ask for would be for him to demand that I urinate in a cup or, ask for something weird and I trust myself that I am not ready for.

Favour, 22 | Lesbian Female | Abuja, Nigeria 

Omo I give eating ass a 10/10. I seriously advise giving as well as receiving. I exclusively eat women's asses, therefore. Anybody having to eat a straight man's ass, especially those who don't clean up afterwards, is brave ooo! in my opinion.


Ebuka, 35 | Straight Male | Imo, Nigeria 

I enjoy being on the receiving end.  But finding individuals who were open to doing it used to be the hardest thing for me, because you know people aren’t really open to the idea from where I come from but contrary to what you read all over the TL, there are really a lot of people that enjoy it. I no longer consume as much ass because of my initial experience. The infant neglected to clean up, so I underwent a close shave while having crap in my mouth. I'm hoping I get through that mental hurdle soon so I can pay it forward.


Chinwe, 24 | Bi sexual Female | Port Harcourt, Nigeria 

During my first threesome, I experienced my first ass eating. This guy turned me around and spread my ass cheeks like he wants to spread butter on bread when I thought he was about to give me the head. Thankfully, I refrained from pushing him away. It was wonderful. That day, I experienced the most powerful orgasms. Am I satisfied? Yes. Is this something I'll continue to do? Absolute yes. Will I ever repay you for your kindness? Ewww. Nope. Nah. No way.