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5 Thoughtful And Intentional Things You Can Do For Your Partner

Relationships can only work when people are willing to put in their best. In this article are 5 ways you can spice up your relationship and also show your partner you are emotionally in tune with them.

By Oreoluwa Eunice Ogunsina

August 15, 2022

5 Thoughtful And Intentional Things You Can Do For Your Partner

There is something people like to call the honeymoon phase in relationships and this phase is when a couple are supposedly still loving each other, doing beautiful things for each other and being intentional about the relationship. Many people are of the opinion that there comes a time when the honeymoon phase ends and relationships start to feel like work. 

However, this shouldn't be the expectation of people in relationships, romantic or otherwise. For anything akin to relationships to work, intention and intimacy must be the watchword. But, when people think of these two important things in a relationship, they believe that they have to go big and do very "loud" actions. 

This is not often necessary. Though big actions are needed and important but small, thoughtful actions take the cake. There are different things you can do for your partner to remind them that they are on your mind and that you care about them. These actions are significantly small compared to grander gestures you might do but they are very important in keeping intentionality and intimacy in your relationship alive.


Everybody enjoys listening to music but you can make your partner's listening experience a better one by curating songs that remind you of them and sending it to them as a playlist to listen and reminisce to. You can even use this playlist to pass a subtle message. Talk about romance!!! I'm grinning on your behalf. 

You can also take it up a notch and curate a playlist together while enjoying the flow and beauty of the songs. This seemingly small act can be one to bring you together. 

Another thing you can do for your partner is CHARGE THEIR PHONES/DEVICES

Look, this can seem like it's not a big deal but let me tell you! It's everything! This act is conveying to your partner that you are kind, you have them and their interests in mind. This act is selfless and you should put it in mind, especially when they've slept off and have forgotten to do this. Do this and you will thank me for it!

This next one is for my couples who are mostly together or work from home and also for the ones who love physical touch! HUG YOUR PARTNER RANDOMLY THROUGHOUT THE DAY! Nothing tells your partner more that you adore them and are happy to be in their space more than this! Hug them randomly as you work. You can get carried away with work but this act grounds you and makes you remember that your partner is with you. Hug them and whisper sweet words into their ears as you do so! There's no way intimacy would not be the foundation of your relationship if you do this!

As I have written something for my girlies and mandem who are mostly together or work from home, this one's for couples who spend time apart. Distance can be telling on any relationship. This is why you have to intentionally keep your intimacy alive by WRITING CUTE NOTES TO YOUR PARTNER! These cute notes can be in the form of random text messages throughout the day or handwritten notes around your home. The importance of this is to put a smile or even a blush on your partner's face. Try this and see if it doesn't do wonders for your relationships. 


Lastly, for this list, dear reader, gifting your partner is always a good idea! GIVE YOUR PARTNER A GIFT CARD from their favourite places and see if their face doesn't light up. This act shows that you have been listening to them and you are in tune with their likes and dislikes. Go ahead today and give them a gift card from their favourite clothing store, book store or spa!

With the above mentioned ways to be intentional and thoughtful in your relationship, I bet it with you that you will be able to rekindle the intimacy in your relationship.