How To Get A Man to Cry In Bed

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How To Get A Man to Cry In Bed

How to make your man cry in bed

By Iverson Akhigbe

August 15, 2022

There are numerous ways to make a man sob in bed. Here is a comprehensive instruction on how to make a man cry in bed if you want to make the climax of your sexual encounter so intense that your man sobs with ecstasy.

Call out his name often

Strangely enough, hearing their name during sex is one of the many things guys enjoy to hear. When you like what he is doing to you in a sexual way, call out his name seductively. Please keep in mind the precise name of the person you are sharing a bed with. Prior to yelling out another person's name.


Talk to him

Hearing each other groan, gasp, and demand what you want or how you want it is the epitome of sex. You both will have equal pleasure as a result. Additionally, whispering obscene comments into his ear can be really seductive. Use this information however you see fit.


Play with his ears

Playfully bite it or simply give it a gentle tug. You might even simply sigh or moan into his ear. If you want the sex to stick in his memory for the right reasons, you should definitely do this. The ears can be an erogenous zone.


Look for his sensitive spots

You must purposefully please him sexually if you want to learn how to make a man cry in bed.

Men have a lot of erogenous areas that go unloved primarily because the men are too hesitant to request it from their spouses. One of those places is the nipples. Be mindful of it. Do only what he would do to you.


Tongue Fucking

This is extremely uncommon, and only a small number of people get energized as a result. Did you realize? If your spouse is one of those folks who spend thousands of dollars only for ear stimulation, you can undoubtedly make him feel like he's on cloud nine by caressing his sexual organ and sucking at the same time. If your boyfriend isn't like such things, this is one of the best ways to make him cry in bed—or it may be the worst possible situation. Therefore, it is advised that you get his consent and take him into confidence before doing this.


Smooch his thighs
From just above his knees, begin with soft kisses and move upward, building pressure with each step. Keep in mind that males also enjoy foreplay.


He deserves a massage.
Instead of using your hands to massage him, straddle him and use your mouth and tongue. He should find this to be a fascinating experience.


Try different temps
Introduce novel items into the bedroom, such as ice, skin-safe candles, whipped cream, etc.