Who Killed Mohbad? 5 Suspects Linked To His Painful Passing

“If anything happens to me, Naira Marley and the entire Marlian Records should be held accountable.”

By Ifunanya Nwanoka

PUBLISHED: September 20, 2023

Who Killed Mohbad? 5 Suspects Linked To His Painful Passing


On the evening of September 12th, I was  scrolling through social media when a video caught my eye. It was a video of the lifeless form of artist Mohbad. In the video, he lay unmoving at the backseat of a car while his distraught friend screamed “Mohbad is dead” with tears steaming down his face.

I stopped scrolling for a second. I wasn’t quite familiar with the face and so after some seconds I heaved a sigh of sympathy (the way you do when something bad happens but you’re removed from it. You don’t mean to be, you just are) and I continued scrolling. 

 Little did I know that in the coming days and weeks, i would become very familiar with the face and become haunted by his story. At least some of it.

Since the tragic passing of Mohbad, we've all been gripped by a sense of unease, desperately trying to piece together the puzzle of what exactly happened to him. Because…what really happened to Mohbad?

While initial reports attributed his death to an ear infection, new revelations that keep sprouting everyday have hinted at a far more sinister truth. Accusations have been hurled at people and suspects have been carved out of his unfortunate story.

Based on the reactions from the public, these are  5 major Suspects that have emerged from all the controversies surrounding Mohbad 

Naira Marley

The story of Naira Marley and Mohbad dates back 4 years ago. It all began in 2019 when Mohbad was signed to Marlian Records, a label managed by controversial street artist  Naira Marley.  Initially, it seemed like a blessing and a dream come true for Mohbad, as he released a series of hit songs, including "KPK", “Feel Good” and "Peace."

However, what began as a blessing soon started to transform into a nightmare. In 2022, Mohbad made the shocking decision to part ways with Marlian Records. 

In an interview, he revealed the terrifying details of what had transpired during his conversation to leave the record label. He disclosed that when he expressed his desire to leave the label, “they” had  became agitated, and before he could even complete his statement, they resorted to physical violence. According to Mohbad's terrifying account, he was brutally beaten and even stripped naked, all in an effort to coerce him into staying. 

Since parting ways with the record label, Mohbad and Naira Marley have been at logger heads. One of the most notable incidents in their tumultuous history is a live video shared by Mohbad back in October of 2022, where he was seen crying and fleeing from a building in Chevron, Lekki. 

In that video, he hinted at being in grave danger and left a chilling message: 

“If  anything happens to me or if I die, Naira Marley and the entire Marlian Records should be held accountable.”

Mohbad further revealed the scary details of his time at Marlian Records. He also spoke out about threats against his life in interviews.  Back then, In response to Mohbad’s  videos, Naira Marley had dismissed all allegations as false, stating that Mohbad's behavior was due to the influence of drugs.

Given their history and the warnings from Mohbad before his mysterious death, it's no surprise that people identified Naira Marley as the prime suspect in this case.

Omawumi; Mohbad’s Wife

Mohbad and Omawumi's love story reportedly began in 2020. They were young lovers when they met and as Mohbad's rise to fame began he brought her along. However, following his tragic passing, Omawumi came forward to share some disturbing revelations about her late husband's state of mind.

She disclosed that during his time on earth, Mohbad had never truly known peace and constantly lived in fear of the unknown.  Despite the joy that should have come with the birth of their son, his anxiety only seemed to worsen. She shared that at some point, he even began urging her to leave the country with their child, believing it was the only way to protect them from potential harm.

"He struggled till death, too many pains, threatening, he has always lived with fear, continuous fights everywhere he goes too, he has never been happy for a whole day."

"He was called a junkie, a mad person, mental issue, so the public would have another view about him. He's dead, at least you all won, take your trophy. Y'all made me a widow at 24 years."

"Nothing makes him happy no more, even after seeing his baby he became more worried, he is now a family man; he doesn't want anything to happen to us. I was supposed to collect my baby's passport yesterday so we could process our traveling. He always said to me... Wunmi, please go for my baby's sake. I wouldn't want these people to harm you and him; it will break me. You just go; let me face them myself."

While her  words stirred lots of emotions, a viral audio recording surfaced, which showed their relationship in a different light. In the audio, Mohbad seemed to imply that if anything were to happen to him, it would be Omawumi's fault. While some dismissed this as a lovers' quarrel, others couldn't help but wonder if there might have been more to the story that meets the eye.

Sam Larry; Aide To Naira Marley

Sam Larry, known to be a close aide to Naira Marley, has left many wondering whether he had his own personal grievances against Mohbad. This suspicion stems from a viral video that surfaced shortly after Mohbad's tragic passing, in which Sam Larry was seen striking Mohbad from behind. Thankfully, the situation didn't escalate further due to the intervention of artist Zlatan.

What further fuels this suspicion is a document that surfaced online, a petition filed by Mohbad against Sam Larry for alleged physical assault and threats to his life. This document paints a picture of Mohbad living in constant fear of Sam Larry, and it obviously raised questions about whether Sam Larry's involvement had any connection to Mohbad's untimely death.

Mohbad's father

Mohbad’s father has surprisingly been at the brunt of people suspicions due to his actions and statements following his son's tragic passing.

When news of Mohbad's demise broke, he reportedly hurried to arrange his son's burial rather than allowing for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. This haste to bury the young artist on the following day led to widespread suspicions, especially considering that many believed an autopsy could have provided well sought after answers.

Adding to the suspicion, a viral video surfaced, showing Mohbad's father discussing the money given to him by Davido. In the video, he claimed that Davido had given him 2 million naira after his son's death, and he lamented that 2 million was deducted from that amount to purchase a coffin. He expressed his frustration, stating that he had only received 1 million from the funds. This raised eyebrows among many who felt that his focus should have been on his son's passing rather than the financial aspects of a sad situation.

However, the most significant reason for suspecting Mohbad's father is his shocking insistence that Naira Marley had no involvement in his son's death. 

Some people believe that he may have been financially compensated to make these statements. Although he hinted at the possibility of foul play, he has repeatedly and defiantly denied any allegations against Naira Marley, leaving many to wonder if there is more to the story.

The Ikorodu Show Organizers

The silence of the show organizers has added more suspicion to the tragic passing of Mohbad. It was reported that he was last seen performing on a show in Ikorodu just before his untimely death. An eye witness had revealed that he was "hit by juju" during the performance.

What is puzzling to a lot of people is the lack of information regarding what transpired during the show after Mohbad's performance. In the video of his lifeless body, there didn't appear to be any visible signs of physical violence or harm. This leaves everyone questioning: What exactly happened during the show that led to his mysterious death?

There are other questions that are left unanswered; Where did his friends find him? Was he taken to the hospital? How did he die? 

Who did it?! Who did?! Who did it?! Will we ever know?

Mohbad was 27 years old when he died. Rest in peace Imole.

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