Did Seyi Tinubu Donate 15 Million Naira To Mohbad's Son?

Seyi Tinubu's N15 Million Donation to Mohbad's Son Sparks Hope

By Iverson

PUBLISHED: September 21, 2023

Did Seyi Tinubu Donate 15 Million Naira To Mohbad's Son?


The music world was shocked when the promising 27-year-old singer, known as Ilerioluwa Aloba, passed away on September 12 and was laid to rest the following day. His untimely demise sparked numerous conversations across social media platforms, with many seeking answers about the circumstances surrounding his death.

It's known that the late singer had a child named Liam with his partner, Omowumi, adding a poignant layer to the tragedy. In the wake of Mohbad's passing, compassionate Nigerians initiated a fundraising campaign to support his son.

Recently, Samklef, a prominent music producer and singer, provided an update on the fundraising efforts. He revealed that an impressive sum of N32,744,900 had been raised thus far to secure Mohbad's son's future.

However, Thursday morning brought a heartwarming surprise when a social media user, Emiola Olamidun, took to Twitter to share a remarkable development. According to her tweet, Seyi Tinubu had made a substantial donation of N15 million to support Mohbad's son. She even provided what she claimed to be evidence of the transaction via X.

This generous contribution from Seyi Tinubu demonstrates the power of unity and compassion in times of tragedy. It's a reminder that when communities come together to support one another, they can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

In the midst of grief and uncertainty, the outpouring of support for Mohbad's family, especially his young son, Liam, serves as a beacon of hope. It showcases the resilience of the Nigerian community and the enduring spirit of kindness and solidarity that binds us all together.

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